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Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) Monthly Predictions (July 2016)

Monthly Predictions for Aquarius July 2016

Career : During second half of the month you may be having problems at work or employment.
Boss or higher authorities at work may give you tough time. Promotion in job is also possible.
Those in business and freelancing will experience huge dip in performance and money.
Lot of distress and honor in society could be at stake.

Relations : You will be happy and relations with the spouse will also be good.
Singles may get married during this period. There will be good relations with coworkers.
Socially, this is a very good time.The company of friends and relatives makes you delighted.
During second half you may develop friction or differences with your spouse.
You will defeat all the enemies or dominate over them.

Finance : Monetary problems are indicated. Avoid speculations or stocks.
You may have to face lot of worries. There will be more expenditure than income.
Money may be spent for acquiring wealth.
Postpone all your plans to invest in gold.

Health : You will enjoy good health but needs attention and care in food habits.
Care must be taken to avoid accidents.
People with chronic diseases and in old age should visit their doctor regularly.
Change in diet can help to some extent.

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