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Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) Monthly Predictions

November 2014


The month seems to be an outstanding time for Aquarius professionals. Stars predict notable success for you. Though occasional workload will trouble you, your peers and subordinates will help you take care of the excess work at your office. Some of you may also get loads of accolades at the work front. But do not make any decisions in haste and consider every aspect very carefully before going for the opportunity.


Quite like your career and profession, your financial front will also remain outstanding throughout the month of August 2014. Some of you may get a salary hike or even financial mileage from unexpected sources. Stars do not predict hefty expenses for you this month. Push ahead, your plans of investing in bonds and shares for the time is just right for that. Even investments made earlier will bear fruitful results during this month.


On the romantic front, the month seems to be an excellent time for you. An overall harmony and romantic bliss will prevail at your domestic front. Your partner will remain cooperative and supportive of you throughout this month. It is only prudent to take your spouses/romance partners out on candle-light dinners and romantic getaways to make them feel special. Single Aquarius people who have been planning to propose their love and get into a new relationship may do so for the time is just right for that.


Quite like every other aspect of life, this month will prove to be good for Aquarius people, health wise. You will feel healthy and full of energy and will be able to take care of all your responsibilities in better manner. However, it makes sense to pay heed to even the smallest of ailments and not just treat them superficially. In addition, don’t get complacent with your good health this month, try embarking on a new fitness regime to stay healthy in the future as well.

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