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Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) Monthly Predictions

March 2015

Career Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius

This month will be an excellent time for working professionals as they would be able to score excellence in terms of performance. This is rather a great time for those of you who are working as mid level managers. You are likely to get fame and recognition at your work place. Your dedication will impress your bosses and rewards will follow in but beware as your subordinates might create issues envying your increasing popularity.

Finance Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius

Financially also, this month is going to support you but to some extent. You might experience, disturbances while balancing your income with high expense. Your expenses would be high which might create a tensed environment, even though there is no need to worry about as everything will fall in line later on.It is a good time to invest for investments made now will bear fruitful results.

Romance Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius

Stars predict excellent romantic life for Aquarius people in the month of March. Single Aquarius people who want to enter into a committed relationship or to find out a romance partner can take better advantage of this month. This is the best month where you should seek blessings and approval of your elders and superiors who are opposing your relationship. Married couples can go for expansion of family where the whole month can be said very favorable in this regard.

Health Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius

Health wise, generally this is a cautious month for you as you might get trapped with infections or with communicable disease. So you should take best care of your routine life to avoid such situations suggests Aquarius Monthly horoscope.

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