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Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) Monthly Predictions

For Aquarius people, the month of April, 2014 can be said a good and progressive period with respect to different aspects of life. On professional front, the work load at work place might make you a little worried about the successful completion of current project. However, by the end of the month, the project would get completed successfully. For this, you may have to work extra hours and even during weekends. The best part is that, in this scenario you would get a very good cooperation from your peers and subordinates. Despite of having some personal commitments, you would be able to impress your superiors while keeping your commitments. One thing that would bug you through out the month is office politics around you. However, this is not about you neither you are part of it but you unwontedly indulge yourself into it. Try a bit hard to maintain a distance from it. Financially, this month shows a good flow of income till the end. However, you have some pre-planned expenditures for this month, even then things will go smoothly. Inspite of spending a good amount on luxuries, you would see a good flow of income. The reason behind this is maturity of your long term investment, which would bring unexpected flow in your pocket. Property related matters may get sorted this month. If you are planning to buy or invest in property, things will remain in your favor. On romantic front, you are going to enjoy a good romantic pleasure throughout this month. Apart from minor arguments over petty issues, there would be smooth sailing throughout the month. Single Aquarius people who are planning to propose some or going to start a new relationship in form of marriage can foresee a long and happy bonding together. Even those, who are looking to get approval from their elder over their relationship, can expect positive results from family and society. There are also good chances for those who waiting to get marry since long. Healthwise, this is a good month for you. You may face some minor problem related to body aches, which could be result of work load at your work place.

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