Sachin Tendulkar Horoscope and Future

Sachin Tendulkar is born on 24th April 1973 on a Tuesday in the Poorvaashada Nakshatra and Siddha Yoga. As per the Birth Chart his Rashi is Sagittarius and Libra Ascendant. Lord of his Rashi is Jupiter. Jupiter entered Aquarius in December 2009 and will continue to move there till April end in 2010. Thereafter, it will enter Pisces and remain there all through 2010. Jupiter transit into the 3 rd house from the natal moon is likely to increase his scoring rate and he will break more records before may 2010.
Last time jupiter transited Aquarius is early 1998 and sachin scored most runs in his ODI career in that year.
Infact he scored a record of 9 centuries and more than 1900 runs in that calender year, which is still an undefeated record.sachin tendulkar astrology prospects
His prime form continued even when Jupiter was transiting through Pisces in second half of 1998.
So we can expect him to shine in both forms of the game till 2011 summer.
From May 2010 the transit of Jupiter to the 4 th house from Natal Moon will be a favourable one and directly affect the Career Prospects favorably. Saturn’s transit is likely to cause some distress and solitary atmosphere but will also help you segregate the true friends from the rest. Rahu and Ketu are transiting over the Moon rashi and the house 7 th from the natal moon all through the year. Partnerships of any kind are not advisable during this period.
When Rahu leaves his moon sign, Saggitarius in summer 2011, he will quit atleast one form the game.
His birth in libra ascendant made him a popular person and Mars being exalted in his chart makes him a competitive sportsman.
Saturn’s opposition of Jupiter will cause some problems with lower back and abdomen regions during late 2010 and early 2011.
While jupiter was transiting pisces in early 1999 , he faced same problem during a test match against Pakistan in Chennai.
Sachin will have to take enough rest and play selective matches to extend his career for atleast one more year.
As per his Numeroscope, he is governed by numbers 3 and 6. His name spelling is governed by numbers 5 and 9.
Year 2010 is the year o Jupiter and governed by number 3. During 2010, he will be under the Annual ruling of number 13 which signifies “Death or a Sudden Break”.
It also signifies Rejuvenation and Reincarnation. As a result, Sachin will have some long cherished dreams fulfilled in 2010-11.
He might undergo a stomach, Chest or Lung related surgery and will have minor health problems all year round.

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