12th house – loss, seperation and effects of Rahu – Ketu

The discussions relating to the 12th house is somber and grave. It is not a house that relates to our materialistic side of life directly, it relates to the inner growth and liberation.
Matters related to this house are profound and its predictions can be quite unfathomable by logic and mundane understanding.

The 12th house is the house of loss, however it can indicate earnings
from foreign land as well as expenditure in foreign land. It is an inauspicious house, a dusthana and indicates decay, decrease, wastage, expenditure among many other negative possibilities.
While the 12th house is judged as an inauspicious house but matters connected to it lead to liberation, so it cannot be all bad.

There are indications in the horoscope, which relate how the person is inclined. A spiritually inclined person gains through the 12th house.
This is the house of sorrow and disappointments, it indicates our limitations.

On the other level, it shows our passions, pleasures and comforts and luxuries. The 12th represents the past, where our karmic deeds of the past have brought us. It shows how we are bound by our own actions in the past births. This house represents our subconscious.

The profundity of this house goes much beyond the level of materialism and pleasures and desires of life. The pleasures of this house are detached and when they relate to the very physical level, may indicate just pleasures of the flesh where there is not much attachment.

In a nutshell the twelfth House is known as the house of expenditure or the house of detachment. It represents our Material Expenditure and Losses. It also represents our karmic and spiritual debts in this life. It is the house of Salvation or Moksha. The twelfth house also represents our secret pleasures and sex. In the body it represents the feet.

The karakas or significator to this house are many and they are:
Saturn – Sorrows
Mars – Confinement
Venus – Material desires
Jupiter – Jnana (knowledge)
Rahu – Foreign Travel
Ketu – Moksha or liberation.

Now let us see some astrological signature attributed by this house.

Effect of the 12th House in different Rashis
Aries – The person may suffer from fear of enemies. There may
also be high expenditure due to sickness. The person may also
keep a number of pets or animals.

Taurus – The person may have to face many opponents. Life may
also suffer on account of enemies.

Gemini – There may be earnings through animals. There remains a
chance that the person may feel hostility to the government or

Cancer – This is a mixed signature. There is the possibility that
powerful people turn hostile but the person has the power to
counteract the effects.

Leo – The person has power over enemies. The person may also
have many pets and enjoy them dearly.

Virgo – There remains the possibility of friends turning into foes.

Libra – This is not a favorable signature and often the progeny
aspect is badly hit. The relations with off-springs suffer.

Scorpio – there is possibility for fear from enemies. There is no end
of powerful enemies.

Sagittarius – Good gains through friends and relations is well
indicated by this signature.

Capricorn – This is not a favorable signature and there may be loss
in combat. The person falls prey to all kinds of confrontational

Aquarius – there may be many obstacles and obstructions in life.
This is not a favorable signature.

Pisces – there is turbulence in family or known circles. Disputes
appear but ultimately matters are not so unfavorable.

There is another very important aspect that the 12th house holds for those who are connected with
foreign land. This house indicates life in foreign land. Those who aspire to make a life abroad must have a strong 12th house and its lord. The two other houses that are also considered while judging possibility of good life in foreign land are the 7th house and the 9th house. With all these three houses indicating likewise, life can be assured to be successful in foreign land. In this connection, Rahu’s aspect on the 12th house can also act as a catalyst.

Talking about Rahu, both Rahu and Ketu have changed their transit position very recently. So ineffect all the four major slow planets have changed their transit position starting with Jupiter in the fag end of the month of October, then Saturn on the 1st of November and finally Rahu- Ketu on the 9th of November.

Rahu has moved to Aquarius a sign belonging to Saturn. Rahu energy is aligned with Saturn group of planets and one must never forget that Rahu instills a sense of dissatisfaction where it transits; it is just as mysterious as Ketu. Rahu instills a sense of dissatisfaction where it transits; it is just as mysterious as Ketu. So be on your guard as you will also feel a sense of desire for instant gratification of the significances where your Aquarius is located.

Many a time we find that astrologers either discard Rahu as a malefic only capable of bringing unfavorable result, or they are silent about it. Rahu’s transit in different houses can be beneficial with respect to the significances of the house and the sign.

However it is generally believed that Rahu’s transit in Jupiter’s sign may not bring auspicious result. Consider, an Aries Ascendant, aspiring to become rich, this transit of Rahu in the 11th house will surely bring favorable inflow! However astrology is a maze of ‘ifs, buts and howevers’ so do not be too impatient to come to a firm ground in prediction; it is the promise that holds the true essence of astrology. Rahu-Ketu pair, they are our Karmic planets and the
more attention we pay to them, the easier it becomes to understand our natal promise.

The strength to hope is governed by Jupiter. In astrology Jupiter is
regarded as the greatest benefic, the planet that helps the creation
to survive. Jupiter is the significator of optimism which is in other
words ‘our strength to hope’. It is also the planet that governs
marriage, children and wealth among other things. Jupiter is the
Divine grace which can fulfill all human needs, even without our

The strength to go on with perseverance is governed by Saturn;
this is also a great power. The strength to hope is there in many but
to keep that hope alive and work towards it with an unwavering
mind is the critical factor that is the most important successor to
hope and optimism- an area of Saturn power, not many have it. The
reason is the nature of Saturn, this planet always makes us pass
through tests, if and when we pass those tests, perseverance
appears to us and we work diligently without seeking for rewards in
the usual sense of the term.

A strong 12th house and powerful 12th lord especially if it is a
benefic will mean that the person is a tower and can detach or rise
above from mundane values of self gratification.

When we consider the 12th house, we also consider sexual matters
and pleasures of the bed. This house signifies these matters and
very often a person may be quite detached about attaching
emotional values to sex life. This is a tricky aspect and can trigger
all kinds of speculation in the mind of the partner. Here some
amount of control and conservatism is important otherwise there
can be much sorrow especially if the 12th house is afflicted.
In terms of the emotional bond between two people whose souls
have connected, the connection between planets ruling the area of
physical union can be judged by their planet connections. I give
below some of them.

Ketu is a very subtle energy and as the exact opposite of Rahu,
Both Rahu and Ketu are feared as, malefics and it is quite true also.
These two energies do more harm than good if left uncontrolled in
their instigations.

Coming back to the energy of Ketu, Ketu in the 12th house is an
excellent placement for the spiritual upliftment of the person. This
otherwise troublesome energy in the 12th house gives good
discriminative ability and an interest in spiritual evolution. However
there are some negative points as well – expenditure may be for
unexpected and unknown sources. There may be a lack of or little
sexual pleasure.

Astrology is a science that helps you to think and finally help to
open the eye of the mind. So stay calm if you find unfavorable
signature and address the issue again and again, till you come to a
satisfying answer from within. There is almost always some good in
the bad and vice versa.

Let us now see some combinations in the 12th house that may
trouble our life.

- An afflicted 12th house may indicate cruel temperament.
- If the lord of the 12th house is aspected by lord of the 7th
house, and when both are strong, the person’s wealth may
get destroyed by spouse.
- An afflicted Jupiter in the 12th house may cause sexually
transmitted diseases.
- Malefics in the 12th house may mean eye troubles.
- Lord of the 12th in 12th may indicate lack of stamina.

Mars – Venus Connection:
When this connection is established, it brings a level of passion that
could sustain a relationship in the early stages. A more profound
way is slowly found out as the relationship progresses. This is often
symbolic of married love expressed in a physical form.

Mars – Mars Connection:
When this connection is established, there is a touch of physical
approach to life in general. There is more in action than in thought.
Mars brings people together quickly and in a sweeping victorious
manner; it is not a planet that assures of sustenance.

Mars – Saturn Connection:
This connection can bring in pure and raw passion in the
relationship. In the initial stages the relationship is very intense
the people thus connected must inculcate the finer aspects of
human nature to make this a harmonious and steady relationship.

Astrology considers a relationship to have evolved through the
karmic connection when nodes are involved or Sun/Moon also. In
such a case there remains a story of some unfinished lesson to be
learned or some unfinished duty to be completed by the partners in
this birth. Physical passions are insatiable mostly when nodes are
involved, especially Rahu.

The healthy and smooth dynamics of relationships depict a happy
individual. Whether they are personal or professional relationships;
they assure happiness and contentment.

Let us now see how to keep this mechanism easy smooth and
harmonious. There are some planets that create disharmony when
strategically located. One such affliction has been discussed time
and again. The Mars affliction or when your Mars is located in the
1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of your horoscope. This is known as
Manglik affliction or Kuja Dosha. This affliction gets negated only by
spiritual intervention. Hanumaan Kavach and Hanumaan worship is
the most effective remedy. However favorable aspect of Jupiter can
lessen the malefic effects but it cannot negate it.

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