Narendra Modi Horoscope and Future

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi is facing enquiry from SIT(Special Investigation Team) on allegations that he supported and encouraged riots during 2002.

He was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat in Tula Lagna and Vrishchik Rashi.
He was passing through Venus mahadasha between 1986-2006 during which he rose to power of strength in his state and in his state as venus is powerfully placed in 11th house with yogakaarak planet Saturn.

Narendra Modi Horoscope

His Dasha of Sun-Moon-Mars during 2007 elections have helped him regain power in state but he couldn’t contribute as much was expected in MP seats.
His sun is placed in 12th house on own constellation, uttaraphalguni and conjunct with ketu and Mercury(R).
This makes his life tough till september 2012.
For next 2 years he will under constant stress and allegations and will be asked to resign from his post before 2012 elections.
If he manages to hold on to power till 2011 september (when mercury and ketu bhuktis are over in sun mahadasha) then he can come back to power in 2012 elections.
He will continue to play important and active role in BJP and state level politics.
After 2012, during his moon dasha, he will be given much bigger responsibility.
He will continue in politics till 2014 and after that between 2014-16, during his sade-sathi, saturn transits his moon signwith ’0′ points in ashtakavarga, he will face security issues and life threats.
He has to be careful during that Dasha to survive and play much important role in future.

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