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Telangana state formation chances before 2014
« Reply #180: July 31, 2013, 08:32:44 AM »
As expected/predicted, congress took favorable decision to Telangana when saturn and rahu were conjunct in swati (conjunction started exactly 9 days back and this process of cwc meeting etc started then).
What was announced yesterday is congress party's stand of telangana.
UPA will send it to assembly and then to parliament.
Even if assembly rejects it, parliament both houses have to accept it.

I still feel Telangana will be delayed atleast till 2014 march or may be even further. (as congress said, it wont happen in january 2014)
As Seetaram suggested, they should pick a date where rahu is no more effecting saturn and when jupiter is more favorable to form a new state.
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Telangana state formation chances before 2014
« Reply #181: July 31, 2013, 08:45:01 AM »
great prediction ! eventhough time of formation was not clearly known
lets hope this stops here and doesn't spread to other smaller states demands

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Telangana state formation chances before 2014
« Reply #182: July 31, 2013, 10:01:46 AM »
Great prediction from our beloved Virinchi, Seetaram ji

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Telangana state formation chances before 2014
« Reply #183: July 31, 2013, 12:39:53 PM »
I just hope that entire process takes 11 months to complete and officially both states get seperated after 2014 july.
Because, by that time Rahu will leave Libra and both Jupiter, Saturn will be in exalted signs.
By chosing right muhurtam for formation of state, telangana and andhra can atleast develop from now on.
If Telangana forms before 2014 june, then it'll face more problems in future

Though congress agreed to give telangana, i still have doubt on bill in parliament being passed smoothly.
May be that is why other astrologers mentioned 2015 july
  Earlier Apparao Sir & Varenya mentioned A.P state will not be split before next elections,and after elections Congress will not come into power again. ohh god !!! your comments like just hopes for before or after 2014july states gets officially seperated seems to be confusing.

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Telangana state formation chances before 2014
« Reply #184: July 31, 2013, 03:37:04 PM »
Telangana state process initiated by congress. will this process really takes place with in 2-3 years or will this be put in back burner by congress. How the events going to turn from now onwards is the question? There will be so many ifs and buts like parliament majority , president acceptance and articles,etc... To take this process are planets finally awarding telangana irrespective of time and situations. Hope our experienced panel can give some information without confusion.

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there will be atleast one new party (split from congress) with united andhra pradesh stance to cash in anti-congress votes during 2014 elections. later they will either merge or support congress in delhi (even CM kiran can do this)
but this time this very 'old' ploy from congress will fail as people have seen enough dramas an became more matured.

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Is there a development in AP? Haven't seen since ages,Well i fault people for this situation they should have elected responsible people but we are very eager to point our fingers on elected representatives but we are the one who vote for them.Unfortunately AP has become a soap opera:(
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?

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Life has become very difficult for common man in Andhra and rayalaseema regions. The bus strike has been going on for more than a month. Students don't have colleges in most places. only some schools are running. For common man in india bus is the means of transport. People are facing immense problems because of bus strike. Sometimes pregnant women are unable to reach hospitals in time for delivery. (this happened to our relative whose family stay in village. When she had labor pains the family could not find vehicles to take her to hospital in correct time. By the time the pregnant woman was taken to hospital she delivered a baby who unfortunately died. The mother is still in hospital under doctor's care.
It is true that strike is going on because Andhra and Rayalaseema people will suffer tremendously due to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.  It is also important for common man to have bus transport.
Respected Astrologers Please tell when there will be relief for common people from this bus strike ?


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situation will improve after November 4th when Saturn shifts to visakha nakshatra

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AP NGO's cleared that no strike call off until and unless telangana statement will goes back. But UPA telling that there is no coming back from that. So can we expect any statement from center regarding that Apparao garu?

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