Author Topic: Viswanathan Anand's chess championship and Horoscope  (Read 12383 times)

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Vishy Anand's championship
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When you asked this question few days before itself, I replied you that Anand would win, but with little difficulties. You\'ve asked the same question again. We would get the same answer even if we check again.

Now the result has come. Viswanathan Anand has won the World Chess Championship for the 5th Time! Are you happy?:):) I\'m very happy.. :):)
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Vishy Anand's championship
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Excellent gaurang sir anand struggled and defended the title very good prediction

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Vishy Anand's championship
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It\'s a simple Horary, mate.. Nothing special..

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Vishy Anand's championship
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nice prediction gaurag ji

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in present championship out put of the first two games draw.
as a experienced player Anand has bright chances. also its in his home city.

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But carlsen is the  clear favrite to win this time and is in gr8 form. Tough for anand.

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No way, Overall Anand leads Carlsen by 6-3, with 20 drawn games, But Carlsen has won last 2 games ( both which were in a multi-player tournament which is not high pressure as this World Championship match),
Ideally Carlsen was slight favorite based on form, but Experience and Big match temparament shifts towards Anand , and Also longer the draws continue Carlsen is prone to make mistakes, if it comes to rapid/blitz games it could go any way

Above comments are purely statisitcal/chess understanding based and also on comments given by various grandmasters during first two matches

Would love to hear what Astrology says !!


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Today Anand has lost a game to Carlsen. This is the 5th game of the match. So Carlsen has taken the lead with a score of 3-2. Last time too, Anand did concede the lead to Gefland before coming back strongly. Will he be able to do the same this time too?

I hope to get predictions from the Master, Virinchi. It'll be nice to get some predictions for other Sports like Chess too, apart from Cricket.

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Anand has lost two games in  ketu n venus  stars placed badly for ind. Nex game tmrw  in favably placed moon star. Lets c..then on unfavbl mars again. Lets c.

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Hi, nice to c u back, gaurang.

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