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Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) Monthly Predictions (May 2016)


Finally, you will start receiving recognition for your good work from superiors and your professional contacts will boost your career. This month will be productive if you work in close coordination with your team members. Projects will get completed much faster as you are willing to listen to the ideas of your colleagues at work. Businessmen will have slight tough time in business dealings, so need to be cautious. Make the most of opportunities that come knocking at your door in the second half of the month. Also, you need to make quick decisions to get things done faster.


Plan your strategies keeping long-term interests in mind. There will be low flow of money despite your all efforts. You may feel disappointed because of unsatisfactory income flow as compared to your good performance. What you can do it make plans in advance and spend only on basic items. Fairly good time for investments in the second half of the month!


It’s great to love and to be loved. This month is meant for you to explore love territory. If you have been planning to win’s someone heart, you are already in relationship, go ahead. If something is in your mind regarding entering into a new relationship, its advisable to propose only after mid of month. Chances are to get acceptance. You always thrive for deep & intense love and this month favors you. If family expansion is on your mind, go rock the world.


You are no stranger to suffering but this month will leave you tension-free in terms of heath sector. Your quiet, internal world is constantly interrupted and disturbed by the goings-on of the human race. In order to keep your equilibrium, you must have one or two hobbies that strengthen your inner world. If you fall prey to fluctuation in BP and joint pain, you need to be little cautious.

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