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Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) Monthly Predictions

April 2015

Career Horoscope Prediction for Gemini

Try to keep your cool and composed during the first half of this month. Avoid any confrontation with seniors or sub-ordinates and learn to listen. Be proactive and don’t be in haste to take any decision on the professional level. However, good opportunity will come to you in the second half of the month. You will be high spirits and your efforts will be noticed. Maintain a good balance between both the circumstances and get the good outcome by the end of the month.

Finance Horoscope Prediction for Gemini

Financially, the month indicates an excellent rise in your income or making some good profit through your business/career. So, there are chances for good increment in your salary or to make good profits, if you are into business. The expenses would be under control throughout the month and you can take some major investment decisions during the month. Also, if you are looking for loan, this is month that will give you approval. All in all, this month seems to be a time of financial prosperity for you.

Romance Horoscope Prediction for Gemini

In terms of romantic and married life, this month is going to be favorable for you especially those who are looking for a good match in order to get married or to convert their romantic life into married life will get success during this month. So, those who are in search of their prospective partners should take better advantage of this month. This is a good time to propose and start a new relationship. Those who are already in married life or in a committed relationship would get better enjoyment of romantic pleasures.

Health Horoscope Prediction for Gemini

In terms of health, whole month can be said to be a good period. However, you could feel joint pain and stomach related problem. Though it won’t be a big problem but it could give you occasional health related issues. So, try relaxing you mind and body a bit this month and include jogging light exercise to maintain good health.

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