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Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) Monthly Predictions

August 2014

Career & Finance

August seems to be a challenging month for Gemini professionals. The good news this month is that even under high-pressure, you will not give up and will put your best foot forward. Interesting job offers are expected to turn up your way, especially towards the end of this month. However, stars predict that no such opportunity will materialize into solid proposals for most of you. This month would bring excess workload. But don’t get disheartened and try putting your best foot forward each time. In addition, it is important to keep away from gossip mongers and refrain from indulging in office politics for it may bring in bad repute for you.

Financially this month will be a good time for Gemini people. Your income will remain constant and your expenses will remain under control. But it is smart to strategize on how to save some money to secure your future. This is the right time for those of you wanting to invest on bonds, shares and equity. Invesments made in the past will bear good results this month. Many of you will also be able to pay off your outstanding loan or debt this month.

Love & Relationship

This month you are most likely to get a positive response if you have been planning to say those golden words and propose your love to someone. With love on your mind, you will feel life is very attractive and worth living to the fullest. Some of you may even think about turning your relationship into a celebration of togetherness and life-long commitment. Married couples will face no major issues amongst them and their respective sppouses will prove to be highly supportive this month.

Health & Wellness

Health wise, this month will be a great time for you. Your positive energy and strong immunity against diseases will keep you healthy throughout the month. You will find relief from the occassional stress and head ache that you had been experiencing in thepast. Your overall health and shape is getting improved due to your changed eating habits and your new fitness regime.

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