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Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) Monthly Predictions

October 2014


On the professional front, you will remain in high spirits due to the happenings around you. You will experience positive vibes from your superiors and peers. You will remain talk of the town due to your achievements and good performance. However, a few of your colleagues may develop a sense of jealousy due to this, but don’t worry this would not affect you in any ways. Your performance may invite some big responsibilities towards yourself along with promotion in your position.


On the financial front, the flow of income would remain ordinary; no exceptional gain can be expected during this month. The more you save, the more expenditure would come in. Hence, you would not be able to add much into your monthly savings. Despite of unexpected expenditure during this month, you would not face any sort of financial crunch. This would happen only because of your budget planning and compromising approach. Also, you could hope for good returns from the investments done in the past that are on the verge of maturity. An unexpected source of income seems to be getting opened during this month.


On the romantic front, you could hope for a rosy period during the whole month. Gemini people who are already in a committed relationship or into married relations could execute their plan for a vacation, which was in the making since long. There is also good hope for those cancer people who are seeking approval for their relationship from their elders. Single Gemini people can take full advantage of this month to propose the person of their dreams. Starting up of a new relationship is on the cards.


Healthwise, this is a good month for you. You would feel physically and mentally fit, which help you a lot in dealing with every situation during this month. But those Gemini people who are facing Blood Pressure related issues could be forced to see their doctors. Try including Yoga in your daily fitness regime.

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