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Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) Monthly Predictions

September 2014


The first half of the month could give you good work opportunities as well as enhancement in your position and status on professional front. You would get support from your superiors. If you are dealing with government organization then you can hope for good amount of business during this month. However, during the second half of the month you should have to be extra cautious towards your responsibility and to fulfill the expectation of concerned people. Your may also fall prey to back-biting and office politics.


Financially, the whole month indicates very good flow of income along with some considerable financial gain. However, controlling expense can be said a toughest tasks for you during the last week month where unwanted and unavoidable expenses may shoot big hole in your pocket. Refrain from investing on bonds and shares this month, especially during the last week for you may end up loosing a big amount.


Romance life is going to give a memorable experience during this month. So, those single Gemini people who want to enter into a committed relationship or to find out a romance partner can take better advantage of this month. This is the best month where you should seek blessings and approval of your elders and superiors who are opposing your relationship. Married couples can go for expansion of family where the whole month can be said a very favorable in this regard.


Health wise, generally this is a favorable month for you but those Gemini people who are facing heart or chest related issues could be forced to see their doctor. Try including Yoga in your daily fitness regime and you will be able to stay fit this month.

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