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Gemini moon sign yearlyMrigasira 3,4 quarters, Arudra, Punarvasu 1,2,3 quarters

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Income : Expenditure :: 11 : 8 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 3 : 1 (ratio)

Favourable Points for Gemini

Signs : Libra, Aquarius, Leo
Planets: Sun, Venus
Lucky Numbers : 5, 8, 6
Color : Green
Favourable Days : Wednesday
Nature : Dual/Airy

An overview of year 2014 :
Jupiter in 1st house till mid June and then in 2nd house, Rahu in 5th house till mid July & then in 4th house, Ketu in 11th house till mid july & then in 10th house, Saturn in 5th house till end of October & then in 6th house together determine the major transit results this year.

Year 2014 will prove fruitful for you. In the first half of the year Saturn will remain in Libra and thus transit in your 5th house. In the end of the year Saturn will move to sign Scorpio and transit in your 6th house. In the first half of the year, Jupiter will transit in Gemini which is your own Rashi. Though in latter half Jupiter will transit in your house of wealth. Rahu will remain transiting in Libra which is your 5th house from natal Moon. In the second half of the year Rahu will move into Virgo which is your Sukh bhava. Ketu will remain in Aries in first half while it will change sign in second half of the year and move to Pisces which are your labha bhava and karma bhava respectively.

Health : Your health will be good this year. You will feel strong & stout. There will be sweetness in your conversation. There will be the presence of different type of aura and attraction in your body. You may suffer from cold, cough like diseases. You will get the endowments of God and you will be able to mould yourself according to the situation. Your morality will remain high and health sound.

Finance : Your economic condition will remain good this year. Your fame will increase. There are possibilities that you may get property. You can make up your mind to invest in land and building. Your economic condition will improve. This period will bring significant development in your land, wealth and business. Strong economic condition will elevate your standard of living. Get yourself prepared to hear some bad news as well. There are also the chances of some loss. However, there are strong possibilities of getting wealth all of a sudden and prosperity in business.

Education : There are possibilities that you might get allround success this year. This time is very important and profitable for you. You would like to study technical subjects, chemistry, commerce etc. You will have special interest in mathematics. Your memory power may decrease. You may travel abroad for education. Students will get success in examination. Your inclination will be towards poetry, drama and writing.

Career : You will be honoured in your service and business. You will feel enthusiasm in your work and profession. There are chances of growth and development in profession. Your work will be successful and you will get your rights. You may also face some obstacles in your job.

Family : There will be festive environment in the family. There are possibilities that younger generation may get married. Health of your mother may be worrisome. Children may give you tension. Children will get success after lots of efforts. There are some possibilities of differences amongst the family members. Marital life will be good and joyous. You will be happy and wealthy. You will maintain good relation with your brothers and sisters. You will be honoured in society. You will get the cooperation of friends.

Travel : You would like to take rest & relax in your house. Possibilities of travel on account of auspicious work is building. You will visit temples and the places of pilgrimage.

Romance & Married life : Try to maintain maximum harmony with your partner during month of January, 2014. The whole of the year 2014 will be most favorable for love and romance. Gemini people can very easily fall in love or fall out of love. But those of you are thinking of marriage or serious long term commitment for life together with somebody, the month of July/August will be most auspicious and favorable.

Remedies : Offer milk and bread to dogs on Sundays.

Your new year resolution for year 2014: I must consciously try very hard and be proactive to settle down in life both in my personal life as well as in my profession and career during the year 2014

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