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Income : Expenditure :: 14 : 11 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 7 : 7 (ratio)

Favourable Points for Gemini

Signs : Libra, Aquarius, Leo
Planets: Sun, Venus
Lucky Numbers : 5, 8, 6
Color : Green
Favourable Days : Wednesday
Nature : Dual/Airy

An overview of year 2016
Jupiter in 3rd house till mid August and then in 4th house, Rahu in 3rd house, Ketu in 9th house and Saturn in 6th house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

Mercury, the lord of your Zodiac Sign is located in 8th house from Gemini in Capricorn. 8th house is the house of salvation both physical as well as spiritual. This will be a year of Karmic rewards /karmic lessons for you. Ketu is located in 10th house from your Zodiac sign. Rahu is located in 4th house from your Zodiac sign. Both Saturn and Venus are located in 6th house from your zodiac sign. These combinations are not very good indications either for domestic bliss and harmony or great stability in the professional front. There may be changes in both these fronts. But change is “Thy” name for Gemini. In spite of such changes Gemini people will be full of self confidence. Financially they will be well off. They have nothing to worry as far as wealth is concerned. No matter what are the obstacles in their path, Gemini people will overcome all that and will get unexpected or magical support from people in all aspects of their life in 2016. Overall this will again be an exciting year with many changes.

2016 with respect to different aspects in your life

Health : Health will be outstanding for most Gemini people during this year. Mentally they will be very strong. Their self confidence will be very strong and that itself will drive away all “disease and obstacles in their life” during 2016. The period between 1st May 2016 and August 2016 will be most favorable and auspicious to take any new initiative for overall health and healthy life-style improvement regime for most Gemini people during 2016. So you must take advantage of this period during 2016.

Finance : Gemini people are usually lucky about finance. Whenever they will make a little focused effort, they are sure to receive much greater material rewards commensurate with the efforts that they will put and year 2016 will also not be an exception for them. The main reason for that is their creativity as well as their communication ability with others in all forms of communication. Jupiter, the natural signifier of wealth, is also located in the 3rd house from their sign, the house of efforts and initiatives. The months of June, July, August and December will be most favorable for them during the year 2016. For some of them, they may acquire immovable assets also during the year 2016.

Education : This won’t be a very auspicious year for students. You shall be attaining success after putting in lot of efforts and would be disinterested in their studies. The chances of getting through in competitive examinations are not there. The favorable transit of Jupiter is going to shape your destiny and you would be getting the favor of seniors. Those in job are likely to enjoy the good time in terms of promotion and financial gains.

Career : The 10th house, the house of profession from your Zodiac sign is Pisces ruled by Jupiter in the midnight chart. Jupiter is located in 3rd house from your Zodiac sign in the chart. This signifies that this will be a period of various new initiatives and new efforts. But since Ketu is also located in the 10th house in the midnight chart, it signifies that there may be some confusion, lack of focus and secret fears both in your action as well as thought. Gemini people must guard themselves against such tendencies. They may be particularly vulnerable during the months of February and March right at the beginning of the year. Gemini people have built in tendency to procrastinate and can never reach a firm decision. They should clearly remember that they do not have the luxury to postpone actions or decisions beyond the first quarter of 2016.

Family : This year shall bring in average results for your family life. You need to look after your mother’s health. Your personnel and social influence shall increase as a result of which your adversaries would also appreciate your capabilities. You shall be getting complete support of your father. This year there is possibility of celebration of some auspicious ceremony in the family. In this year you can expect complete growth in the career of your children. You shall be happy about the health, happiness and career of children especially the elder one. This year can be considered auspicious for the marriage of children. The time period is slightly different for second child and you will be getting good news about his studies/career but expenses might go uncontrolled. He shall also be travelling frequently.

Travel : This is a favorable time for going on journey. Jupiter’s transit is indicating pilgrimages and journeys to places of historical importance. You would also go on journeys on account of work/business. Do not trust anybody while going on journey. If you shall trust people blindly you would get into trouble. In the latter half of the year there are stronger chances of going on journeys and you might get transferred to your place of choice.

Romance & Married life : Gemini people are very changeable. They can get easily involved in a relationship or can get out of a relationship. For short time relationship, this year is very good for Gemini people. However for married people or people committed to long term relationship, this year will give mixed results. Rahu will definitely cause ups and downs in Domestic bliss and harmony during this year for Gemini people.

Remedies : Donate black articles of use to poor people.

Your new year resolution for year 2016 : I must try to maintain the maximum stability and harmony on my home front. I my desire for changes and excitement in my life, I must not disturb the basic foundation for my emotional and Material security.

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