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Income : Expenditure :: 8 : 2 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 2 : 4 (ratio)

Favourable Points for Leo

Signs : Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces
Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Lucky Numbers : 9,2,1
Color : Red, Orange
Favourable Days : Sunday
Nature : Fiery

An overview of year 2014 :
Jupiter in 11th house till mid June and then in 12th house, Rahu in 3rd house till mid July & then in 2nd house, Ketu in 9th house till mid july & then in 8th house, Saturn in 3rd house till end of October & then in 4th house together determine the major transit results this year.

Year 2014 will be beneficial for you. In the first half of the year, exalted Saturn will transit in the 3rd house of valour. In the year end Saturn will enter into Scorpio i.e. in your Sukh bhava. In the first half Jupiter will remain in Gemini i.e. in Labha bhava. In the latter half Jupiter will enter into Cancer which is its exaltation sign. Rahu will transit in Libra in the first half and move to Virgo in the second half. Ketu will remain in Aries in the first half and move to Pisces in the second half.

Health : The year is not good for you from health point of view. You may suffer from the ailments related to teeth, mouth and liver. There is possibility of expenses on health. You will feel idle. The persons suffering from high blood pressure should not do tiresome work. Medical test and advice is essential from time to time. Excessive anger and mental tension may prove harmful for you.

Finance : There are the possibilities of significant changes in your life this year. You will have material attainment of different types. You will reap good rewards even if you work less. There are chances of good profit from gambling, speculation and share trading. Chances of unnecessary and unwanted expenditures are also there. There are possibilities of loss of wealth this year. You may also have profit from your land and building. You may also get property in inheritance. You should mind your language otherwise you may have to face strong opposition. You may also get benefitted financially from kith & kin.

Education : You will receive higher education this year. You will be more interested in the study of religious subjects. The time will be quite favourable for you. You will be the centre of attraction owing to your intellect. You will succeed in competitive exams. You will be more inclined in the study of administrative, physical and agricultural sciences. You will study the subject of your choice.

Career : This year may prove fruitful for service and business. You will get promotion on account of your own effort and labour. Businessmen may earn good profit in their endeavours. You will make up your mind for the investment in big enterprises. You may visit abroad for the purposes related to your service or business. You may decide to expand your business horizon to foreign lands. There are possibilities of success but you may have to do some hard labour for this.

Family : There are chances of some auspicious celebration in your family. You will not sit idle at a place this year. There will be frequent upheaval in your mind. You will get good news from children. You will be benefitted from your children. You will attend marriage function. There are possibilities of marriage celebration in the family. Your relation with your co-borns will be normal. There are possibilities of sickness to your wife and son. Marital life will remain peaceful and healthy. You will be loyal to your family and get special affection of your spouse. There are chances of strife with friends.

Travel : You will get benefit from the travels of foreign lands. You may plan for pilgrimage all of sudden. There may be long stay in foreign lands. You would like to go on cruise with your family.

Romance & Married life : Married life will be stable and blissful for you during this year. Those of you who are thinking to take the marital vow this year, the period from April till September will be most favorable for you. For love and romance, the entire year is favorable except for the month of January.

Remedies : Recite Gayatri Mantra daily.

Your new year resolution for year 2014: I must not deviate from the path of ‘Dharma” or deviate from the true purpose of my life no matter how great is the provocation or temptation.

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