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Income : Expenditure :: 11 : 5 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 6 : 3 (ratio)

An overview of year 2016

Jupiter in 1st house till mid August and then in 2nd house, Rahu in 2nd house, Ketu in 8th house and Saturn in 4th house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

In this year’s chart, Lord of your Sign which is Sun is located in your 5th house Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. 5th house is house of Vocation result. During this year you need to seriously introspect whether your present Vocation represents your true purpose of life or not and you have to identify your true Vocation during this year itself. This will be a challenging process. During the first 3 quarters, you will have to face this challenge till you find your true Vocation. The good news is during the last 3 months, you will manage to get clarity about your true vocation. Because of last year’s consolidation, you will not have any financial worries during this year because Jupiter your 5th house lord is located in your Sign itself in this year’s Chart.

2016 with respect to different aspects in your life

Health : There may not be any serious ailments for you, but you may suffer from Piles, irregular bowel syndrome because Ketu is located in your 8th house from your sign in the midnight chart. Mentally you may not be satisfied or content during the first 9 months of the year because of the intense introspection that you may get involved to identify your true Vocation in life. However during the last quarter of the year, you will experience renewed vigour and renewed confidence in every aspect of your life.

Finance : The months of June and July will be most favourable for new investment especially for immovable assets. However you should avoid any speculative investments or stock market investments for any windfall gain as Ketu is located in your 8th house. Do not plan any kind of investments during month of March.

Education : You might have to face a few secretive enemies. From February, destiny will be on your side and you will easily defeat all your opponents. Still, for the best outcome, keep giving your best efforts. Before August, Jupiter will make a transit and bestow its blessings to students.
Travel and transfer- Make travelling plans from the end of April to end week of May. The planetary position will make your trips enjoyable and pleasurable.
Youth (Career and competitive exams)- You might have to face a few secretive enemies. From February, destiny will be on your side and you will easily defeat all your opponents. Still, for the best outcome, keep giving your best efforts. Before August, Jupiter will make a transit and bestow its blessings to students.

Career : 10th house the house of profession in your chart Is Taurus which is ruled by Venus. The good news is on the professional or career front you have nothing to worry during this year. The months of April, June and November will be most favourable. However, you must be careful and alert during the month of September. You must not be proactive or start any new projects during this month.

Family : Saturn will cause a negative influence in your 4th house resulting into Saturn’s Dhaiyya. It is better to take care of your mother’s health. Rahu’s (Dragon’s Head) transit will dissolve all the differences existing in your family. Conflicts present in the family from previous year will get solved during the new year.

Travel : You might go on foreign journeys for the expansion of your work/business or up gradation of education. Those in job are likely to get transferred in the latter part of the year. This transfer shall prove to be favorable for you. Those doing business shall also get opportunity to change place.

Romance & Married life : Jupiter aspects your 7th house the house of marriage in the midnight chart indicates there is a strong Yoga for marriage or long term partnership for Leo people during this year. Jupiter also aspects your 5th house the house of love and romance. The 4th quarter of the year will be most favourable for love and romance. Since Saturn is your 6th and 7th lord, there may be some unexpected delays and obstacles for marriage and you must be prepared for that. Overall for Leo people this will be a mixed year for marriage and love and romance.

Remedies : Do not waste your time. Early to bed and early to rise shall keep you healthy, wealthy and wise. Be disciplined in your daily schedule and abstain from non- vegetarian food. Offer water to Sun daily.

Your new year resolution for year 2016 : Wealth and Success in career is not the only thing in life. I must identify the true purpose of life, my true Vocation which will give me contentment and self fulfilment in my life.

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