Saturn re-enters Libra on 2 August 2012

Slow moving planet Saturn, will be re-entering its exalted sign Libra on 2nd august 2012 at 17:20 hrs (IST). Last year on 14 november, saturn entered libra but due to retrograde motion, it came back into virgo in may 2012. Now from 2nd august, saturn will give the same results … [Read the rest....]

Saturn transit in Libra from 14th november 2011 – effects

Slowest moving planet in vedic astrology, Saturn will take major step on 14th november 2011 at 12:10 PM (IST), according to K.P ayanamsa. Saturn(Sani) is returning to this position after more than 29 years. Libra(Thula Rasi) is the sign of balance(of justice and karma) and saturn, which is the biggest … [Read the rest....]

Telangana issue will be solved between November 2011 – May 2014

Latest issue arised is for seperate telangana state from andhra pradesh in india. When jupiter is about to leave its debilitation sign capricorn in last month of 2009, this issue has caused serious disturbances in this area and people are expecting a peaceful conclusion. But even after jupiter moves into … [Read the rest....]

Saturn turns direct in Virgo on 13th June 2011

Slowest moving planet in vedic astrology, Saturn will turn direct after more than 4 months of retrogression in Virgo. This will happen on 13th june 2011 at around 8:23 AM (IST). Saturn has been transiting Hastha constellation during all this period of retrogression and it has been aspecting Hastha, Swathi, … [Read the rest....]

Khara Nama Samvatsara Predictions for 2011-12

The new hindu New Year named Khara is starting on March 3rd, 2011 at 20:05 hours IST. It has Tula lagna with Rahu in Dhanus, Venus in Kumbha, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Moon and Mercury vakri(retrograde) in Meena, Ketu in Mithuna and saturn vakri (retrograde) in Kanya. With mercury and saturn … [Read the rest....]

Effects of Saturn in 2011-12

Based on transitions and ownership of planet Saturn in 2011-12(Sri Khara Nama Samvatsara), Agriculture will be moderate and food supply will be enough to meet demands. But rainfall will be uneven and changes under oceans will cause damage to life on earth. Climate and Food production will be 90% in … [Read the rest....]

Saturn turns retrograde in Virgo – January 26th to June 13th

Slow moving karmic planet Saturn turns retrograde in motion in Virgo(nirayana) on january 26th and will be direct on june 13th 2011. During this period, Saturn in Hastha constellation and will cause health issues for older people. Few old generation politicians will die and few sportsmen will retire. The planet … [Read the rest....]