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Taurus Vrishabha Rasi Predictions
Krittika 2,3,4 quarters, Rohini, Mrigasira 1,2 quarters

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Weekly Predictions for Taurus between 15 January – 21 January 2017

Career : Works will be completed in expected time. A good news to the unemployed can be expected.
Growth is possible in business and profession. You will get the opportunities that you are waiting for.
Contract jobs will be extended and part time working people may get stable and regular job opportunities.
An invitation from the government may be received by the people working in fine arts, industry and politics.

Relations : New friends are expected in journeys. New undertakings with the advice of spouse indicated.
A news from long distance brings you joy and happiness. An invitation from a celebrity may give you surprises.
You will share ups and downs with the relatives. Gain of monetary benefits and items from the siblings is possible.

Finance : A hopeful situation is indicated in all your financial matters.
Litigations in landed property will be resolved and new agreements are possible.
Gains and profits will be as per your investment. Avoid any speculations.

Health : Health needs attention and care. Hospital visits may be there. Avoid unnecessary journeys and travels.
You may have to bear problems due to cough and diseases of gall bladder and also face stomach related problems.

Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day.
Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign Predictions are based on Moon at Sunday Sun Rise Time, Monthly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon at 1st date of each month along with transit of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Yearly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon’s position on 1st January of each year along with major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.

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