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Income : Expenditure :: 14 : 14 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 6 : 1 (ratio)

An overview of the year 2024

Jupiter in 3rd house till late April and then in 4th house, Rahu in 2nd house and Ketu in 8th house, Saturn in 1st house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

In this year’s chart, Saturn the ruling planet of your sign is badly placed in 1st house. Sun and Mars in 11th house is partially good, but and retrograde Mercury and Venus in 9th are bad when it comes reputation and relation with elders.
In 2024 you will find yourself in dilemma regarding family and financial matters. Attitude of long time associates will force you into isolation.
In 2024 Saturn has some unfavorable and negative effects for Aquarians. Everything looks to be out of control and not in place. Ketu in 8th house adds up to some more sudden spiritual progress. However, Rahu can cause some disappointing moments regarding money.

2024 with respect to different aspects in your life

Favorable results are possible during first half of the year. Easy success is indicated in all the works and affairs. Fear of theft, fire accidents, hard work without any gains, difficulties in journeys, losses and financial problems can be predicted from September. Health needs attention and care. Stomach related diseases, mental disorders or psychological problems can be predicted. Health needs attention and care. Reduced physical stamina and sensory sensitivity indicated. You will be respected and honored wherever you go. Though works appear to be successful, the losses are painful and invisible. Social status and reputation will be heightened because of relatives and authorities. Hard earned money can not be retained. With your goodness, you will be able to escape from any critical problems. Respect will be there, not money. Care must be taken.

Favorable time for the employees till August. Promotions with transfers can be predicted. Later on circumstances will not be in favor. Long distance transfers, inconvenience from higher authorities, punishments without your mistake and psychological upsets are possible. Suspending from job or termination is also possible. Tough time for those working in Government sectors. Care must be taken to avoid litigation. Unemployed and those working on temporary basis can expect opportunity before September. Later on no change in their position. Those working in private sector will see change of place from August.

Politicians can expect tough time till August, later on some favorable results are expected. They may have to face tough situations and allegations, also strong opposition indicated from everywhere. Obstacles are possible in all the works, and success is not possible in elections even after spending lot of money. You can not expect even a post in party or a nominated post. Deception is possible.

Unfavorable period for artists. Limited opportunities indicated for directors, technicians, and singers in the field of T.V or cinema. Stability in life can not be expected. You will be able to survive in professional life only with your patience and talent. Care must be taken to maintain your self confidence.

Gains and profits indicated for all businessmen till August. Later on inconvenience through government, losses, accidents for those in transport business, huge losses in business of gold or silver are possible. Profits will be more in real estate business. No losses are possible for business of goods storage. Profits will be doubled. Inconvenience is possible in contract business. New contracts can not be expected. Delay in clearance of bills leads to financial problems. Pressures through creditors indicated. Increased interests, huge debts may have a severe impact in running business. Huge losses are possible in shares. Differences are possible among partners in business. Separations are indicated in partnership business. Favorable for rice millers, but inconvenience is possible through government.

Favorable for the students. With their concentration in studies, admissions in reputed colleges may be possible but requires lot of hard work. Efforts will be successful for seeking education in foreign land. Not favorable for those in sports.

Farmers get good returns in first crop. Debts will be cleared. Smooth life indicated. Losses are inevitable for those in fisheries. Little favor can be expected in poultry business.

For Women: You will not have any opposition and your words will be accepted by all. Elevated family status, comforts to children, stability in family life, gain of new ornaments can be predicted. Changes are indicated from September. Change of place, losses in affairs, lack of peace at home, changes in residence, loss of valuables, fear of theft, quarrels in family, and losses because of rigidity of opinions are indicated. Employed may have to face problems from every corner. Inconvenience through authorities, going on long leave, and staying away from family are possible. Unmarried get married this year. Pregnant Women will be blessed with a baby girl through normal delivery before August, later through cesarean.

Remedies : Visit religious places and practice strict moral values on Wednesdays and saturdays.

Your new year resolution for year 2024 : I will not give or take advices regarding money and family. Will try to maintain low profile.

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