6 Planets influence LEO & AQUARIUS in August 2016

Five Planets, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Moon will be conjunct in Leo (Simha Rasi) during first week of August 2016.
While four of them are already together, Moon will be joining on 04 August at 01:57 IST and remain in Leo till 10:42 IST on 06 August 2016.
Ketu in Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) will be aspecting this cluster of planets in Leo during this month.
Jupiter Venus Mercury Rahu Moon in Leo 2016

2016 has been the year of few very powerful planetary combinations. In addition to the Adhi Yoga, 5 planets influecing Taurus & Scorpio in June and Mars-Saturn combination in Scorpio, a very rare 6 planet cluster of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu & Moon will occur during early August.
Sun will also be transiting closely in Cancer, which makes matters worse for Leo.
This cluster orming within 22 degrees gap causes a tremendous pull in work environment, competition, new partnerships, marriage matters, new relationships, business & joint projects.
Peak result will be seen during Solar Eclipse on 01 September 2016.

Normally, when conflicting planets transit closely, they create confusion and chaos in lives of the people born in that sign.
Leos will have a tough time handling work, finances and family during first half of august 2016.
Schedules will be irregular, diet will be untimely and health below average.
Their sign lord in 12th house will not be able to save them from tough situations.
Only good that can happen with Leos is domestic bliss. They can have some cherishable moments with younger ones at home.
From 13th of this month, Saturn will be going direct in Scorpio and aspects Leo, which creates more confusion.
Difference of opinons with elders in family and bosses at work are possible.

Impact of this conjunction and Solar Eclipse will last for atleast 2 months.
World economy also gets effected by this combination. Economy of european countries like UK, Germany, France, Greece will go down for few weeks.
Few countries in Middle-East will suffer from internal war and terrorism.
Rahu can cause suicide attacks and bomb blasts in european aand asian countries.

Influence of 6 Planets Cluster in August 2016 on 12 Moon Signs

Aries : Financial and family pressure will continue. Expenditure will be more than income. Some of the past debts can be cleared. Some of you can buy new electronic equipment.
Mind will remain confused and it is advisable to consult experts before taking any major decision.

Taurus : Health of a family member will bother you. You might want to work from home but that will not be possible.
Attempts to buy a new house of car can get postponed. This is not a good time for expressing love.

Gemini : Short distance travelling will prove useful. Some of you can buy a new vehicle or house. Jealousy among siblings is possible. Writers can have a tough time to generate new ideas. Self Confidence can be a bit low.

Cancer : Family and Finance will be your top priorities as they take up more time than usual.
This is not the right time to invest money and give loans to friends or relatives.
Relations and home and work can be strained.

Leo : Confusions, contradictions at work and chaos in family. Nervous weakness, vitamin deficiency, insomnia will effect your overall health.
Avoid all confrontations and maintain a low profile this month.

Virgo : Expenditure will be sudden and more than expected. Avoid all shopping plans and buy only what is absolutely necessary. Politicians and celebrities will have a tough time.
Investments can give very poor returns.

Libra : Domestic bliss can be experienced. Some of you can expect birth of a child at home.
Financial position will improve during second half of august 2016. Most of the debts can be cleared.

Scorpio : Work position will remain confusing. Factors beyond your control like weather, traffic, law, system etc will create frustration.
Students can have a tough time taking decisions.

Sagittarius : Effects of your past karmic events will be enforced on you. Worrying about future, family and reputation can pull you down.
You will remain busy but with less returns.

Capricorn : Health needs care. Avoid street and junk food. Your reputation will be at stake.
Avoid all relations which are below your class and stature. Family will co-operate to some extent.

Aquarius : Health and activites of partner will be on your mind. Personal health will also be low.
This is the time to rearrange home and takeup the cleaning job. Avoid all arguments and confrontations with partners.

Pisces : This is a good period where many pending tasks can be completed to your satisfaction.
However, you will want more and that will not come this month.
Health will be average with some indigestion, body pains and insomnia.
Some financial deals can be settled in your favor.

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