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Adhi Yoga 2020 for Cancer Moon Sign in January

Adhi Yoga 2020 formed by three benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus transit in 6th, 7th, 8th houses from natal moon for Cancer (Karka) during January.
This rare combination is called Adhi Yoga, which can be seen in horoscopes of billionaires and in transit, it works for those who are destined to become one.Adhi Yoga 2020

Mercury enters Capricorn on 13 January 2020, while Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius. This yoga lasts till 30 January 2020.
During these 18 days, Cancer Moon Sign born can have good time at work. New oppurtunities can come their way.
Saturn moves into Capricorn, which is not a good sign for them.
Kids born in Cancer Ascendant or moon sign during this period can grow up to become problem solvers, crisis managers and emerge victorious in challenging conditions.
But Rahu and Mars can cause some irritable moments, which are actually ghosts from the past !
Long awaited dream job can still evade them.

Adhi Yoga 2020 effects for Cancer (Karka Rasi)

People between age groups of 30-48 can experience maximum effects of this Adhi Yoga 2020.
If you have 3 benefic planets in 6,7,8 houses of your horoscope, then this Adhi Yoga 2020 will deliver its complete results depending on the running vimsottari dasa or antardasa of the planets involved.
This yoga makes you much modest, polite and prosperous with capabilities to take up challenges and win them too. The full strength of planets have the making of a leader in you.
Suddenly professional oppurtunities, financial position will improve.
Also, their social circle, popularity among opposite gender will increase.
Excellent time for people in trading business. Income will be much better than last year.
Quality time will be spent with friends and relatives.

Stay away from negative people and news. Few long time problems and legal issues can be resolved in your favor.
Travel will prove to be fruitful.
Avoid speculation and risky investments.
Generally, if a natural malefic like Rahu , Ketu or Saturn is conjunct one of these 3 benefic planets while forming Adhi Yoga, mixed results can be experienced.
This applies to Karka Rasi, as Ketu and Sun will be conjunct Jupiter during this period.

Malefic planets occupying 6,7,8 houses will also give rise to Adhi yoga but the person will be evil minded and tyrannical. If benefics and malefic are thus placed then mixed results, tricky situations, traps will ensue.
This applies to Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) born.
They need to avoid negativity, jealousy, ego and connect with positive people.
Gemini born can experience Adhi Yoga 2020-2021 between 17 December 2020 – 03 January 2021, when Venus, Mercury and Jupiter transit their 6,7,8 houses respectively.

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