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Adulteration in Food will effect every part of life

Due to planetary transits this year 2010-11, food consumption will increase but production will not meet the demand in market.
Adulterated food and medicines
Most vegetables, wheat, rice, cereals, fruits will be artificially grown by using chemical injections and harmful pesticides.
Even meat will not be the safest.
Animal milk will be synthetically generated using a mixture of water, pulverized detergent or soap, sodium hydroxide, vegetable oil, salt and urea.
This looks like milk and also tastes similar but can only be differentiated through certain chemical tests.
Viral and bacterial diseases will increase which will inturn cause adulteration in medicines.
Atleast 30% of the medicines available in market will prove to be fake and will not work for many common health issues.
This will lead to unhealthy and weaker generation who transfer their genetic weakness to next generations.

This adultery will not just limit to food and medicines.
Books, music, movies piracy will also increase to the extent where original will be termed as duplicate and duplicate sells for more price.

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