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Effects and Remedies of Moon in 2010-11

moon effects in 2010Due to transitions and ownership of planet Moon in 2010-11 , Interest in literature and book publishing will increase.
More websites, magazines will be launched this year.
Businessmen dealing with food items and restaurant owners will have more profits.
Milk production will be less but dairies will still continue to make profits by increasing milk and its by-products rates.
Cattle will not find enough food and many animals will be sent to slaughter house.
Sweeteners and artificial milk products will be in demand.
Many people will suffer from frequent urination, cold, phelgm related and psychological problems.
Donate Rice, milk and rice made food items, especially on full moon day if you are facing ill-effects of moon.
Having cordial relation with mother and elderly women is one more effective remedy.
Milk should never be over boiled and over flown in house to control ill-effects of moon.
Observing fast on newmoon night if you have old aged parents or deceased parents is good remedy for family’s well being.
Do not wear silver if moon is malefic in your horoscope. Instead donate it.

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