2018 Yearly Moon Sign (Rasi) Predictions for 12 Signs

Effects of Jupiter in 2010-11

jupiter effects on 12 signs in 2010-11New temples and other places of worship, meditation etc will be constructed.
New diseases will spread this year.
Prices of sugar and sweeteners will increase.
New reforms will be brought in education and few courses and exams will be cancelled forever.
People will be more religious.
Number of Diabetic patients will increase and so will consumption of sweets and sweeteners.
People will gain weight this year as jupiter transits in aquarius and pisces.
This will help in increasing the business of fitness centers, gyms, weight reduction clinics, yoga trainers.
There will be disputes in religious places over donations, maintenance etc.
Economy of many countries will improve from April 2010 as Jupiter starts transiting in its own constellation porrvabhadra and then into its own sign Pisces in may 2010.
Many companies will get a breather during summer 2010 as economy picks up.
New jobs in banking, financial, IT sectors will be created.

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