Effects of Jupiter in 2012-13

Jupiter effects in 2012-13 nandana nama samvatsaraJupiter is the commander-in-chief for 2012-13 year (Sri Nandana Nama new year) and he also controls rainfall, clouds, natural calamities, religious activities, scientific research, education, behaviour of youth etc in this year.

People will be inclined towards ancient literature and traditions.
Police will become softer and this will lead to more robberies and outbreak of law in many countries.
Women will become victim of crime and governments will realise that existing laws are not sufficient to protect them.
Powerful groups will fight between themselves and cause disturbance to common people in the society.

In education, teachers will ill-behave and force education on students.
Parents will also blindly support teachers in this aspect.
Youth will revolt against few educational policies.
Education will become pure business in many places.

Terrorist groups will recruit more ignorant men and develop into a strong force against governments.
There will be frequent jailbreaks this year.
Women will progress in science, sports and technology.
Every country will invest more on defense systems and people will buy more weapons for self-protection this year.

Gold demand will increase and so will its price.
White collar crime will be on rise and few famous financial instituitions will collapse during second half of 2012.
America and European economies will continue to struggle this year too.

Spiritual gurus and leaders will gain more popularity among people.
Religious shrines, temples, holy places will become more busy this year.

Rainfall this year will be more in cities and mountain regions but less in villages.
More wind and less rain will disappoint farmers.
Summer will be long and delayed rainy season will effect agriculture.