Effects of Mercury transits in 2013-14

mercury effects in 2013-14, Vijaya nama samvatsara
mercury effects in 2013-14, Vijaya nama samvatsara

By its ownership and transits in the year Sri Vijaya Nama Samvatsara (2013-14), Mercury (Budha) will cause moderate rainfall in season.
More clouds and windy conditions along with thunders but less rainfall than anticipated.
Prices of medicines, chemicals, urea will increase.

Restaurant and hotel businesses will flourish and their numbers will increase this year.
Food production will be good and farmers will be satisfied with government support.
Cereals will be in great demand.

Untimely flood and cyclones will hit agriculture in coastal areas.

In india, FDI retailers will not be able to effect local businesses this year.
Blackmarketing of pesticides, seeds and urea will happen.
Smuggling of rare wood from forests will increase with the support of corrupt officials.

Farmers cultivating fruits and flowers will make more profits than in past.
New dairy farms will be setup and milk production will increase but food for cattle will be scarce.

This year, if elections happen in any state or country, ruling parties will lose power.