2018 Yearly Moon Sign (Rasi) Predictions for 12 Signs

Effects of Saturn in 2010-11

saturn effects 2010Due to effects of Saturn, Meat and cattle will become costlier this year.
Many people will face nervous disorders, blood pressure and diabetes.
Oils, paints, iron, heavy metals will be more costlier than earlier.
Prices of essential commodities will increase and this will force few organisations to revolt against government.
Indian government will face serious problems regarding categorisation of castes for Reservations.
Constitutional problems will arise in implimentation of reservations and passing of few bills in parliament.
People will buy more cotton clothes.
Individuals running sade-sathi (7.5 years of saturn near their moon sign) and alsoif going through sani dasa or antardasa(subperiod) should feed to crows or buffallows before they eat.

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