Effects of Saturn transits in 2013-14

saturn transit effects in 2013-14Saturn is the army chief for the hindu new year, Vijaya Nama Samvatsara (2013-14) and also controls water and rainfall.
Due to its effects, India will face tensions at border and war like conditions.
Defense budget will increase and inflation will be uncontrollable.
Indian army will counter attack successfully when situation arises.
Few minsiters will be forced to resign due to their involvement in defense scams.
Government will change due to unrest in citizens.
Few regional parties will be successful in achieving their goals.
NRIs will face tough situations abroad and many will return back to india this year.

Tensions in middle-east countries will lead to crucial meeting of leaders from top countries.
All types of oil prices will increase worldwide.

Iron, cement, coal, granite, oils, building materials will be costlier this year.
Sand and granite will be in demand and will not be available in many areas.
Petrol and Diesel prices will increase a lot and governments will fail to control them.

Fire accidents in cities and forests will increase.
Terrorist attacks, bomb blasts will also be on the rise.

More cyclones but less useful rains will effect agriculture.
Thunderbolts will be more but rainfall will be less.
Rainfall will be uneven and most of it will happen in cities and forests.
USA, Canada will experience effects of cyclones.

Black color clothes will be used most by youth and occult, black magick communities will be on the rise.
Volcanoes under oceans will explode and will cause tsunamis in islands.
More damage will be done to islands in pacific ocean.

Syria capital Damascus will be center of violence.
Iraq will also see mass killings due to terrorist activities.
Philippines president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has life threat and this year looks tough for him.
Attacks on lankans in tamilnadu will become a headache for indian government.

Social networking sites will make youth useless to their countries.
People will tend to use more organic food.