Effects of Sun transits in 2013-14

Effects of Sun in 2013-14
Effects of Sun in 2013-14 (Vijaya Nama Samvatsara)

SUN is the minister for the year hindu new year 2013-14 (Vijaya Nama Samvatsara).
Due to sun’s influence, differences between political leader will increase.
Indecisiveness of leaders and administrators will lead to public unrest and chaos.
People will revolt regularly against administrations of various states and countries.

India will face tense situations on pakistan and china borders.
Few ministers will be forced to resign due to scams and failures.
More scams will be exposed by media. Coal scam will get bigger this year and will expose many names.
People will dislike and oppose supreme court decisions.
Justice will not prevail in many cases.
Too many taxes will be levied on common man, but government will not bother about revolts and protests.

Terrorists will be punished by courts but at the same time, few will manage to escape.
Anti-government establishments and protests will increase in Kashmir.
Pakistan’s involvement in 26/11/2008 mumbai attacks will be proved.
Political turmoil in pakistan will lead to chaos. Their Prime Minister will lose power and President will face corruption charges.
Talibans will gain more control on many areas in afghanistan and pakistan.

2013 summer will be hotter than normal.
Frequent earth quakes and cyclones will disturb normal life (more in islands of pacific ocean)
Many new medicines will be invented to cure viral diseases.

Production of wheat and also consumption will increase along with its price.

In many countries, political leaders will try to run administration by forceful methods and fail eventually.

Liars and cheaters will become celebrities.
Secret investigative and spy agencies in many countries will fail to stop terrorist activities.
Embassies in different countries will lack proper security measures.

China’s leader(s) will become famous for their policies.
One Indian has strong chance to win Nobel Prize this year (2013-14).
Onlines frauds will increase and police will fail to solve these cases.

Poliovirus will resrurface after long time and prove vaccines as failure.

Bihar Chief Minsiter Nitish Kumar will oppose Narendra Modi as NDA’s prime minsiter candidate.