2018 Yearly Moon Sign (Rasi) Predictions for 12 Signs

Effects of Venus in 2010-11

venus in 2010Due to Venus effects this year, prices and usage of perfumes, designer clothes, alchoholic beverages, jewellery will increase.
Number of Women organisations will increase and they will be more active than in past.
Both men and women will be effected by diabetes more this year.
Interests in literature, arts, music, cinema, theatre, television shows will be more.
More competitive events will be organised in these areas.
People will respect their mother tongues and more people will show interest in learning or researching their languages.
People will spend more on luxuries even if it puts them in debts.
Gemstones business will be on rise all over.
People born with unfavourable venus will have to feed cows as a remedy this year to minimise the ill-effects of venus.

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