Five planets influence Taurus & Scorpio in June 2016

Three planets, Sun, Venus, Moon in Taurus will influence this sign along with Scorpio from 4th June 2016 according to Vedic Astrology.
These 3 planets in Taurus aspecting retrograde Saturn and Mars in powerful, mystical and secretive sign scorpio will deliver extreme results for people born in few signs.
Planets influencing Taurus Scorpio June 2016

New moon formed during first weekend of June 2016 will cloud judgement of people born in Taurus moon sign and Ascendant.
Their sign lord Venus will remain combust throughout this month and keep them busy for unimportant issues.
Mars aspecting Sun will raise temperatures across the globe during first week of June 2016.
Retrograde Saturn aspecting Sun, Venus, Moon in Taurus will lead to unrest, violence, terrorism, mass killings, anti-social activities, revolts against governments in few countries, frequent accidents etc.
By 6th June 2016, Moon will leave this combination but 2 days later Mercury enters Taurus and total of 5 planets influencing Taurus and Scorpio will continue till end of 12th June.
Sun will also leave Taurus on 15th June and end this chaos.

Taurus is the most determined sign of the zodiac, but they may not be able to fulfill commitments made during this period.
Health issues of self or family members, aimless journeys, payless jobs will keep them occupied.
On the other side, Scorpions will have a hectic schedule during first half of this month. Most of their works and thoughts will be related to liesure, laziness and escapism.
Long distance travelling during first half of June 2016 should be postponed by both these signs.
Double check your vehicle before driving within your city or town.

Fire accidents, crime on women, communal violence can be witnessed till 12th of this month.
Both signs should avoid all types of confrontations with their partners.

Influence of 5 planets in Taurus & Scorpio during June 2016 on 12 Moon Signs

Aries : Financial burdens will increase. Do not enter into new commitments.
Try to meet all promises made in past. It will be impossible to convince family members.

Taurus : Useless travelling can keep you occupied. Personal and family members health needs your attention.
Partner can behave erratic at times. Be careful while driving or crossing roads.

Gemini : Better postpone all shopping and long distance communications to 2nd half of June.
This is best time only for spiritual activities. Health may not co-operate as expected.
Avoid speculation.

Cancer : Financially favourable time until 15th June. Need to check over-confidence during 2nd half of this month.

Leo : Work will be full of chaos. Business dealings will move at slow pace and test your patience.
If you are trying to sell a vehicle or property, better postpone for few days to get better deal.

Virgo : Frequent travelling will keep you busy. Lack of enough rest, non co-operation of siblings and relatives can be irritating.
Watch your words in social media.

Libra : Do not get jealous of what others have achieved. Financial picture looks bleak. Expenses will outrun income.
Your confidence levels can do down as people you trusted have let you down.

Scorpio : Do not enter into any arguments at home and confrontations at work.
Talk less and work more until you see brighter days. Health needs care as lack of rest can take a toll on your body.

Sagittarius : Health needs immediate attention. Loans taken in past can haunt you.
Do not make any financial commitments until you clear past debts.

Capricorn : Matters related to heart, kids will demand your attention. Few of you might want to expand your social circle but this is not the right time.

Aquarius : Pending issues related to vehicles, properties, paperwork etc will be resolved in your favour. Your work efficiency will reduce due to lack of interest or stamina. Health needs care. Laziness should be avoided.

Pisces : Frequent travelling will keep you busy. You can take better decisions in 2nd half of this month.
Do not make any controversial statements, which can effect your public image.