Gold and Silver Prices 2014 Forecast

Gold and Silver prices 2014 forecastGold and Silver prices will decrease during initial months of 2014 due to Jupiter’s retrograde and direct motion in Arudra Nakshatra.
These prices will increase as Jupiter moves into its own constellation in April 2014 and then into its exalted sign, Cancer during June 2014.

Jupiter has got a less powerful portfolio in hindu new year Jaya (2014-15) and this doesn’t fluctuate gold prices drastically.
Saturn will aspect Jupiter this year in between June – October and this is when people will buy maximum gold.
Jupiter will leave the dual sign Gemini by June 2014 and this will also reduce the sale of fake gold or 1 gm gold coated silver ornaments.

Silver Price will keep fluctuating throughout the year.
In particular, Gold price can marginally dip around March and then become steady in April-May.
It will increase considerably during months of June and October 2014.

Ancient medical sciences like Ayurveda will gain more popularity and use of Gold, Silver in ayurvedic medicines will increase.
These factors will also effect price of gold and silver.

Indian Rupee will be stable in 2014 (no sudden drastic drops like in 2013) when compared to USD price.
Mars and Saturn will increase prices of petroleum and natural gases in 2014.

Best month to buy gold is March but sale can be maximum during july-august 2014 due to Saturn’s influence.

IT industry will find new places for investment and growth.
People will invest more money in speculations, shares etc.

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