Guru Chandala Yoga 2023-2024 Effects

One fatal conjunction in transit is ‘Guru Chandala Yoga‘ and it is caused Jupiter and Rahu.
They need not be in same sign. Whenever Rahu comes closer to Jupiter (within 30 degrees), Guru Chandala Yoga occurs and its effects can be seen.
Guru Chandala Yoga 2023-2024

This is also a fatal combination when in horoscope of a person and when it repeats during transit, that person will experience more effects.
Jupiter is ‘Guru‘, while Rahu is ‘Chandala‘. Here chandala does not signify a social category or menial job but nature of the conjunction of planets.
Anyone who spoils sanctity is Chandala and here Rahu does it by joining natural benefic Jupiter.
Jupiter in Pisces (Meena Rasi) is already within 30 degrees of Rahu in Aries (Mesha Rasi) since early february 2023.
Jupiter controls finance, banking system, stock market, gold price, religious inclination, spiritual guidance etc.
All these are effected negatively by Rahu.
Present Recession, lack of opportunities in various fields may seem to be after effects of Covid-19, but are amplified by this ‘Guru Chandala Yoga 2023-2024‘.

Jupiter blesses us with positivity, knowledge but this Guru Chandala Yoga 2023-24 will destroy all efforts and make you feel that something is wrong with your destiny.
For example, if a person has this Guru Chandala Yoga in their 5th house, then all efforts to find love will fail this year. Misunderstandings will be created by your deeds and mental separations from right person will lead to closeness with wrong person.
Similar incidents happen if guru chandala yoga in 7th house, where native fails to pick right partner for matrimony.
If it occurs in 8th house, you will be cornered and threatened by wrong people.
If in 12th house, it indicates expenditure or investments which go wasted.
Judgement is negatively effected and intuition does not work or gives wrong signals.
Guru Chandala Yoga, if occurs in Jupiter owned Sagittarius or Pisces signs, its effects are exaggerated.
Last time this happened in Leo (Simha Rasi) during 2015-16.
Guru is our conscious & good counsel while Chandal is the inner demon and the base instincts we have. Guru Chandaal is thus symbolical of coming together of the ‘opposites’ like the combination of black with white.
Rahu gives us materialistic wealth, status, sudden growth in career, power and boost to our ambition but none of those are stable. They never give us long term peace and happiness.
While, Jupiter blesses us with wealth, wisdom, peace, stability and long term happiness.
When this positive Guru conjuncts the negative Rahu (chandal), achievements will be there but they lack stability and satisfaction.
Saturn aspect on this Guru Chandala Yoga till end of 2023 will further activate all pending curses a person has to face in their lifetime.
If anyone has Shaapit Yoga in their horoscope, this year will be testing time for them as both Saturn and Rahu will heavily influence Jupiter.
Mistakes committed long back will come to haunt you again in different form.
Saturn releases the karma during transit, according to vimsottari dasa a person is going through and Jupiter blesses it.
Another karmic planet like Rahu adds fuel to its execution, while Ketu watches it.
Transit of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus through Pisces and Aries during February-March 2023 and again during March 2024, executes the karma.
Alcohol and drug usage increases even in small cities and towns.

Guru Chandal Yoga 2023-2024 in Pisces-Aries, Social and Political Effects

Knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter are misguided by Rahu instincts.
This combination will lead to religious heads, spirituality, writers, orators etc who mislead their followers.
If Jupiter is badly placed, then this leads to unpopularity in social life and religious activities.
Even though Rahu leaves Aries during November 2023, Jupiter remains in close proximity until March 2024 and only after 23 March 2024, they move more than 30 degrees apart, which ends Guru Chandala Yoga 2023-2024.
This combination acts against few countries like India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Indonesia, European Union, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Africa.
Terrorist acts, anti-establishment acts, foreign funded NGOs involvement in anti-national activities increases.
Each state election in India will be a challenge for security forces and ruling party.
This Guru Chandala Yoga hits on economy, performance in sports, job market and real estate.
There will be a huge change in government interfering religion (endowment department).
More marriages lead to disputes and divorce (Muhurat influenced by Saturn and Rahu).
During Guru Moudhyami (Jupiter Combust) between 1 April – 2 May 2023, Jupiter remains inactive and Saturn aspect on this Guru Chandala Yoga intensifies.

Guru Chandal Yoga 2023-2024 in Pisces-Aries, Effects on 12 Moon Signs

  • Mesha Rasi born will experience life changing events at home and work. Changes in residence possible this year.
  • Vrishbha Rasi natives lose some close relations which they have taken for granted in past. Legal issues and lack of new opportunities at work.
  • Mithuna Rasi gets into bad alliances, new friendships, separation from family.
  • Karka Rasi can find job situation very difficult and politics at work can make them look for new doors.
  • Simha Rasi will face family disputes. Their reputation is at risk and will be forced to take up unwanted jobs. Loss of a family member or close relation possible in 2023.
  • Kanya Rasi see a dead-end to career or a major road block. Health will not cooperate. Joint pains, financial hiccups, arguments at home possible.
  • Thula Rasi bear the consequences from deeds of their partner. Their past decisions will be questioned and also health can go down.
  • Vrischika Rasi can see new doors opening between March-May 2023. Money flow, changes at residence or office possible.
  • Dhanu Rasi tend to fall for wrong persons and suffer heart breaks.
  • Makara Rasi will be kept busy with household work and also separated from family.
  • Kumbha Rasi can face property disputes. Financial settlements are not easy.
  • Meena Rasi get sudden money and opportunities but forced to work in corrupt environments. Family can expand.