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Indian Government may introduce a new currency note in 2009

indian currency 1000 rupeesIndia would be in a position to export many goods in 2009-10
Railways, telecommunication, ISRO etc. would be in gains and they would be in a position to earn foreign currency. Budget would be grand this time and departments like defense, railway, electricity, education would be benefitted.

Government policies to control inflation would not be very successful and may need revision after every one or two months.

· Liquidity would be a problem and ultimately government may have to take the decision to issue new currency. New government may have to face practical problems in the month of July-August and inflation rate would increase after this.

· To deal with the problems of black money and fake currency notes, government may have to issue new note and withdraw some existing one. There may be discussions to issue a new note or withdrawl of a currency note of big amount.

· India will give financial support to at least 2-3 nations.

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