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IT industry will prosper from year end

Jupiter(Guru) is the planet which decides the economic situation acorss the globe.
Right now jupiter is very weak, by being in retrograde motion on the verge of Aquarius sign and will be transiting into Capricorn next week.
This transition also will not do any good as jupiter will remain weak in capricorn.

But Jupiter’s transition in december into Aquarius and then into Pisces during june 2010 will do lot of good as it transits on its own star Poorvabhadra and into its own sign Pisces

The position of Saturn is another biggest factor to decide the industrial development. At present Saturn is in the house of Sun. It is obvious that astrologically Saturn is an enemy to sun. This is creating tension amidst IT industry.

There would be a Saturn transit by the end of September. Saturn would be moving away from Leo which is Sun’s house. Saturn would move to Kanya (Virgo). It is a friendly house to Saturn as the lord Budha (mercury) is a friend of Saturn. We can definitely expect a good improvement. Saturn always indicates a slow and gradual improvement.

But we can definitely expect a great boost by the end of 2010. The IT industry would flourish as Guru (Jupiter) who is the wealth indicator would go to his house which would give him a great power and he would be looking at Saturn who is the deciding factor of industrial development.

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