Jupiter Combust 2023 March-April in Pisces-Aries, Effects

Jupiter Combust 2023 happens between 28 March 2023 (09:05 hrs IST) and 27 April (01:55 hrs IST).
During this Jupiter combust 2023, it gets within 11 degrees to Sun and loses its power to deliver positive or negative effects on our planet.
Jupiter Combust 2023 Pisces Aries

During this period of Guru Moudyami in Meena and Mesha Rasi, positive effects of Jupiter (Brihaspati) will be drastically reduced and people who follow vedic astrology, do not perform any auspicious ceremonies such as buying and selling of properties, initiation of new mantra, weddings, engagements, house warming, launching of new business, new constructions etc.
During these 30 days, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter and Sun but its combustion ends on 31 March 2023.
Mercury goes into retrograde motion on 21 April 2023, when Jupiter enters Aries (Mesha Rasi).
Jupiter-Mercury conjunction is good in general for financial institutions, gold market but as both are combust this month and mercury being debilitated, market will continue to be slow and multiple businesses do not pickup.
Logical thinking will reduce and decision making can get difficult. Students can get confused and suffer from loss of memory, especially in competitive exams.
Jupiter Combust 2023 in Pisces can bring down gold price marginally, reduces positive energy on earth, losses in speculation and trade, setbacks in love.

Jupiter in Pisces-Aries transits through Revathi and Aswini nakshatras during this combustion period.
Jupiter is powerful while transiting last quarter (paada) of Revathi and first quarter of Aswini, but due to combustion most of the positive effects are reduced.
When Jupiter remains ineffective, natural malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars takeover and give their results at the maximum level.
Saturn aspect on Jupiter + Rahu (Guru Chandala Yoga 2023) further reduces positivity of Jupiter.
Pisces is a creative, imaginative and intelligent sign. Its lord Jupiter being combust in own sign means that most people struggle to get original ideas and imagination can go dark.
There will be copyright claims, disputes in literature, cinema, music etc.
Along with all auspicious events, postpone major financial transactions, income tax calculations and payments till end of April.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is good time when you can see that big picture more clearly now.
A good time for that presentation which you were preparing since long time. Make important contacts around 28th March 2023.
Also, Saturn trines Mars during end of March and early April, which keeps most of us busy.
Venus conjunct Rahu during march 2023 causes skin allergies due to food and cosmetics.
Venus conjunct Uranus ignites new love around 30 March 2023 !