Jupiter Retrograde in Gemini during November 2013 – March 2014, Effects

Jupiter will be in retrograde motion between 7 November 2013, 9:42 hrs (IST) – 6 March 2014, 15:30 hrs (IST), while transiting Gemini (Mithuna Rasi), according to K.P Ayanamsa.

Jupiter and Saturn travel in retrograde motion when they are in trine to sun and go direct when sun enters another trine sign (120 degrees or in 9th house to Sun (Retrograde) & in 5th house (direct motion) ).
During these 4 months, Jupiter appears to travel backwards in Punarvasu constellation (owned by itself) till 16 January 2014.
This will bring noticeable changes in lives of people who are currently running dasa or bhukti of Jupiter or any other planet placed on constellation(s) owned by Jupiter.
Also people born with Jupiter retrograde in their horoscopes, will experience life changing effects during this period.

Jupiter retrograde in Gemini 2013-14

Jupiter Retrograde in Gemini

Jupiter will then travel in retrograde motion in Arudra constellation between 16 January – 6 March 2014 and then in direction motion till 25 April 2014.
From 25 April 2014, Jupiter will be back in its own constellation Punarvasu.
If you are going through Vimsottari dasa of Jupiter and planning to start any new job or project or even make huge changes to your home or business, then it is advisable to wait till second week of march 2014.
Unless Jupiter signifies beneficial houses like 1,2,4,5,9,11 in your personal horoscope, this retrograde period will not be of much use.
Adding to its effect, biggest karmic planet Saturn, which actually decides the occurance of an event or any major change, will also be transiting in a Jupiter owned constellation (Visakha) during this entire period.
Peak of these combined retrograde effects will be experienced in first week of March 2014, when Saturn too goes retrograde.

Since Jupiter rules expansion and exaggeration, these regular turning-back periods are kind of like a self-cleaning oven: They keep things from getting out of hand. Retrograde motion slows down Jupiter’s tendency to make things bigger. It’s almost a sort of automatic braking system.
Mercury, which controls businesses, trading, writing, auditing etc also remain in retrograde motion during november 2013 and it is advisable to postpone major investments to next month.

Jupiter is very much about our belief systems, and when it’s retrograde, we are more likely to follow our own path rather than be led by others. It’s an excellent time to clarify within yourself where you stand on any particular issue, and also to develop personal faith, self-reflection and independent learning. As Jupiter is in Gemini at this time issues related to siblings, creative writing, self confidence, fitness could be on your mind with problems from the past arising. You’ll be hardworking and strive for practical results which may not come until Jupiter turns direct again.

In general, during Jupiter’s retrograde period, people will re-evaluate their ethics as a part of society.
Many Gemini individuals will also have to curb their spending when it comes to buying liquor and food.
Also need to watchout their relations with spouse and at work.
If going through vimsottari dasas of Jupiter, Moon or Mercury, or if born with moon in Punarvasu, Visakha or Poorva Bhadrapada nakshatras, you need to observe your weight everyweek and make sure that it doesn’t grow in these 4 months.

The 4 planet combination of Sun, Saturn, Mercury(retrogade) & Rahu would intensify during November.
This would happen as Jupiter is turning retrograde and aspecting the 4 planet combination.
Also the sighting of Comet ISON occurs on earth between November 28th & December 13th.
The presence of Sun will further help the Dragon’s Head (Rahu) suck up the energy to generate political power & rise in status for many. Furthermore, an aspect of a ‘Retrograde Jupiter‘ would further make the effects strong and a comet (ISON) always adds to the mystique as well as the sudden developments of unexpected events.

Also during this period, Mars transits in between Virgo-Libra, which causes huge political changes in South Asia (especially Southern India), as Mars controls the region between Central India & Srilanka.

Dollar & Gold Prices will be stable in international markets.

Effects of Comets are influenced through the constellation in which they appear, and also through the zodiacal sign and degree to which their position corresponds. They are said to cause inordinate heat, pestilence. sterility of the earth, wars and changes in kingdoms, winds, earthquakes and floods, and are assigned to the planets according to their colors.
They also transport a variety of microbes, including viruses, from planet to planet and even from solar system to solar system.
So, we can expect new viruses and related diseases on earth in 2014.

Jupiter & Rahu being in constellations owned by Rahu during 16 January – 14 February 2014 (12:52 PM IST) will bring political turmoil in countries influenced by Kaal-Sarpa dosha (India, Pakistan etc) and in all states or countries which will be facing elections during first half of 2014.

On personal level, this period is not suitable to take risks or invest in speculation, unless RAHU is a functional benefic in your personal horoscope.