Jupiter’s transit in Aries during 2011-12

Jupiter transit in Aries
Natural benefic planet Jupiter will be entering Aries on 8th may 2011.
This transit ends on 16th may 2012 and during this period, jupiter will help IT field to improve considerably, when compared to past 3 years.
American dollar will gain more value in international market and this will control prices of gold and silver from going up exponentially, but this will be a temporary effect.
Banking sectors will see more profits but their customers will have to bear more interest rates on loans.
Finance business will flourish in many cities across the world.
People will show more interest in investing on shares, properties, vehicles than on gold.
Automobile industry will see revolutionary changes with invention of new model engines which does not use conventional fuel.
Electric cars will become popular in market.
Natural gas and oil companies will see huge profits during second half of 2011.

Earth quakes will be more this year and so will be natural calamities.
Terrorism will effect tourism in many countries.
Few indian cities will see bomb blasts due to security lapses.

Amercian economy will pick up marginally but unemployment will raise.
European countries will face revolutions and crime from their citizens due to unemployment.
UK’s economy will face its worst possible condition this year.
Cyber crime will increase and more people will be cheated online.

Newzealand will be effected by terrorism and earth quakes.
China will be criticized for its duplicate goods in market.
Pakistan will continue to be under shadow of terrorism.
Frequent bombings, suicide killings on streets will continue.
Its image on world map will be degraded.

Real estate business will not pick up much and investors will lose big money.
Duplicate gold will rule the market as gold price will be out of reach for many.
Most men will remain unmarried this year.

Police will become more corrupt in many countries(especially india) and media will expose their stories which will make people lose confidence in system.
Educational insituitions will face some financial losses and will be effected by new rules formed by government.

Floods will hit indian cities like Chennai, Vizag and states like west bengal and gujarat.

Argentina, Mexico and south east american states will be hit by hurricanes and floods.
Philippines and Indonesia will be badly hit by floods.
Central and west USA will experience more earth quakes.

Ayurveda and Homeopathy will gain more popularity and give better results.
Obesity and diabetis will be under control for many.
People will develop more interest in yoga, exercising etc but most of them will only show enthusiasm initially and quit quickly.
Gym, yoga centers etc will do good business this year.

More aethists will start believing in god this year and simultaneously, new Babas and Gurus will misguide people with their magic tricks.

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