Jupiter transit in Taurus during 2012-13

Biggest benefic planet Jupiter will move into taurus (vrishabha rasi) on 16th may 2012 night 22:57 hrs IST. (according to k.p ayanamsa)
It will remain in taurus till 30th may 2013, and during this period it will effect our experiences, knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance.
Jupiter in earth sign taurus, there can be a delight for sensual pleasures and a desire for the simple good life.

Jupiter in Taurus 2012-13

Unlike the urgency of jupiter in aries, we can take pleasure now in pursuing our goals in a more drawn out and leisurely fashion, watching our profits or possessions slowly but surely accumulate. Basic needs have to be met satisfyingly before other goals are pursued.

Jupiter in aries (owned by mars) has inspired revolutionary behavior across the Middle East and now from 17th may, will be more grounded and stable as taurus is an earthy sign.
Economic security is important when the planet of fortune travels through the sign of acquisition, and learning to grow our wealth is likely to become a greater concern than it was before.
Jupiter is often spoke of as the planet which brings us money because of its association with good luck and the expansion of good things. But Jupiter’s real purpose is to inspire us towards a theology that gives our life meaning. These theologies are the things that we believe that help us to find our place in the world and if we find other people who share our beliefs, we call it “religion.”
When Jupiter travels through Taurus, we are reminded that building wealth and a life of comfort is only useful if it helps us to find meaning in our lives. Taurus is an acquisitive sign and tends to enjoy hoarding, but Jupiter in that sign will not permit the flow of finance to be blocked in that way.
Deepening our understanding that money is a flow of energy will be a great help in learning the lessons of Jupiter in Taurus.

Women domination will increase in businesses, politics and entertainment fields.
Volcano eruptions, earth quakes, tsunamis will increase this year.
People will be more inclined towards increasing their income levels and saving for rainy days.
Share of companies with names starting with alphabets ‘A, S, U, M, B, R‘ will do better than other companies this year.

Terrorism will cause some trouble again in few countries and their attacks will disturb peaceful atmosphere in afghanistan and POK (Pak occupied kashmir).
Middle east countries which trusted USA, will not be caught in a fix.
War situation possible between iran and israel.

Many NRIs will start returning to india this year.

IT department will block bank accounts of many bigshots.
Swiss bank will be forced to disclose many secret accounts.
Banking and pharmaceutical companies will do good this year.
More cases will be filed on politicians.

Production of turmeric and spices will go down.

Ancient scienes like vedas, astrology, astonomy will be recognised as roots for modern technology inventions.

Real estate will not pick up in cities and many realtors will go bankrupt after june 2012.

Hongkong, turkey, chile, iran, algeria, china, newzealand, iraq, bhutan, nepal, haiti will experience tsunamis or earthquakes.

Gold prices will go up from june and silver prices will keep fluctuating throughout the year.

More ancient temples will face threat of collapsing and in modern temples, robberies and scams will increase.
Cow’s value described in ayurveda, will be understood and followed throughout the world.

Lesser rains and water scarcity will trouble cities.
Ayurveda will start gaining more popularity and its golden days are ahead.