Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2017 in Libra, Effects

Jupiter Venus conjunction 2017 in Libra zodiac sign occurs during November 2017.
These two highly benefic planets will remain conjunct till end 26 November, while transiting in Venus owned Thula Rasi.
This combination is the most coveted one attracting good fortune when the two planets come together in any sign.
jupiter venus conjunction 2017 libra

Sun will be moving in close proximity to both these planets during November 2017, which create Jupiter Combustion till 10 November and again Venus Combustion from 28 November.
So, a small window of 18 positive days remain in this month for making any move towards love proposals, financial transactions, marriages, buying new house, registration of new vehicles, for initiation of a mantra or learning a new subject.
There are no other major conjunctions, which indicate pretty easy going for those who want to find their love.
The most effected signs would be Aries and Libra as they would come under direct influence of Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2017.

Jupiter transiting in Venus sign is best time to find your love. And when Venus too transits same sign in conjunction with Jupiter, response from opposite side will be good.
People born under Moon Signs and Ascendants of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius will have special opportunities that the Venus-Jupiter combine would create in the areas of rise in status, creative intelligence & opportunities relating to intellect, excellent happiness with regard to children and if expected, then birth or conception of a child making you complacent with success.

Effects of Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2017 in Libra on 12 Zodiac Moon Signs

Aries : Time to spend quality time with close friends and people who love you. This period will make you realize real faces of people around you.
Control your anxiety to know about others and do not interfere in matters not related to you. Avoid gossips, loose talks and office politics.

Taurus : Confusion and chaos in managing time, meeting deadlines, planning, expenditure, useless travelling will happen this month.
It is important to stick to original plans and appointments. You will be victim of jealousy, hatredness, criticism.

Gemini : Lovers will reunite and share some intimate moments. This is best time for you to push for commitments in relations.

Cancer : Best time to relax and go on a holiday. You can also choose to spend quality time at home with family.
Financial condition will be bothering but manageable.

Leo : Frequent travelling will drain your energy. Avoid gossips, loose talks. Enemity with women, domestic disturbance due to irrational behaviour of spouse and children will effect your mind.
However, others will help you overcome few tricky situations.

Virgo : You need to extract maximum benefits from your work, relations during November 2017.
Best time to explore life in every possible way. Few of you can enter into a marital relation.

Libra : Fortunate period continues with improved health from mid November. Only area of concern will be health and wellbeing of family members.

Scorpio : You will face tough time controlling their finances and long distance relations. This is bad time for them to look out for love.

Sagittarius : Jupiter and Venus in Libra will be helpful in many ways.
Partners will spend intimate and affectionate moments. Financial condition will improve.

Capricorn : Jupiter + Venus will prove good for profession.
Stay away from short term sexual relations, flirtations.

Aquarius : Social reputation will increase but pressure will be more at work.
It will be difficult to recover loans and pending arrears. Few will tend towards extra-marital relations.

Pisces : You will be facing tricky situations, where they will have choices to make under some criticism.
It will be difficult convincing people and bringing them together. Lovers will enjoy passionate moments but there will be some dissatisfaction too.
Long time crushes will be revealed, which can fill your heart with joy.