Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2018 in Libra, Effects

Jupiter Venus conjunction 2018 in Libra zodiac sign occurs during September 2018.
These two highly benefic planets will get conjunct on 1 September 2018 from 20:33 IST and remain together till 11 October 06:48 IST, while transiting in Venus owned Thula Rasi.
This combination is the most coveted one attracting good fortune when the two planets come together in any sign.
jupiter venus conjunction 2018 libraMercury will be moving into Libra to join these two planets on 6 October 2018.
Few situations can repeat, which appear similar to those happened in November 2017.
The most effected signs would be Aries and Libra as they would come under direct influence of Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2018.
Jupiter transiting in Venus sign is best time to find your love for people born in many signs. And when Venus too transits same sign in conjunction with Jupiter, response from opposite side will be good.
People born under Moon Signs and Ascendants of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius will have special opportunities that the Venus-Jupiter combine would create in the areas of rise in status, creative intelligence and opportunities relating to intellect, excellent happiness with regard to children and if expected, then birth or conception of a child making you complacent with success.
People born under Moon Signs and Ascendants of Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces will face tough and tricky situations in love. It would be better to stay away from opposite gender during these 40 days.
Retrograde Venus from 5 October will create some trouble for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio.

Effects of Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2018 in Libra on 12 Zodiac Moon Signs

Aries : Do not waste your time in gossiping and discussing about others. Anything except your regular work will prove to be burden.
Avoid all obligations and financial commitments. Travelling to religious places and meeting old time friends can give you some satisfaction.
Social status and expectations will rise.

Taurus : There will be enemity with people of opposite gender. Family will demand your time and attention.
Few lonely moments will make you realize true nature of people. Party less and work more should be your motto.

Gemini : Lovers will reunite and share some intimate moments. People from past can make a comeback or atleast try.
Your mind will be filled with thoughts of love and romance. Health can be effected after October due to over indulgence in food now.

Cancer : Uncertainity and excessive travel will eventually give positive results.
Health of mother can make you anxious. Kids can be indifferent. Lovers will have to wait for few more weeks to proceed further.
Job can prove to be too monotonous.

Leo : Frequent travelling will drain your energy. You will develop hatred towards few women.
Backbiting, gossipping behind your back will be revealed.
Good time to read and write new literature. Short distance travel can be tiring.

Virgo : Unmarried people can meet potential life partners. Thoughts of marriage, family, money will rule your mind.
Wrong investments, over confidence in money matters can prove to be fatal in upcoming months.

Libra : Family reunion can be satisfying after months of struggle and seperations.
Birth of a child can bring some joy moments. Celebrations at home need your personal attention and will make you exhausted.

Scorpio : Financial decisions will be criticized by family.
Difficult to make money from investments and speculations. Time to be cautious while dealing with huge amounts.
Postpone all activities related to constructions.

Sagittarius : Jupiter and Venus in Libra will be helpful in many ways.
Partners will spend intimate and affectionate moments. Financial condition will improve.
Good time to reconnect with past contacts.

Capricorn : Jupiter + Venus + Mercury will prove good for profession.
Social status will improve and you will be consulted for BIG decisions.
You will grow interest in cinema, music and literature.

Aquarius : Social reputation will increase and you will be consulted for major decisions.
Progress of children will give some satisfaction. People in foreign countries will prove helpful. Joint pains can aggrevate.

Pisces : Someone who loved you in past will be back into your life. But your choice of living in solitude will prove to be beneficial.
Backbiting, gossipping behind your back will come to your notice. These are the best weeks to concentrate of work and socialize very less.
Avoid parties, extra marital relations and flirtations. Experiences from 2017 made you wiser.