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Khara Nama Samvatsara Predictions for 2011-12

The new hindu New Year named Khara is starting on March 3rd, 2011 at 20:05 hours IST.
It has Tula lagna with Rahu in Dhanus, Venus in Kumbha, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Moon and Mercury vakri(retrograde) in Meena, Ketu in Mithuna and saturn vakri (retrograde) in Kanya.
With mercury and saturn controlling 6th house(diseases, debts, accidents and enemies) and 12th house(defects, expenditure, foreign travel, spirituality etc), this year depicts philosophical bent in people’s minds.
Most of the youth will show keen interest in spirituality, occult sciences etc.
Love affairs will be more due to venus in 5th house.
Jupiter in own house but combust is partially benefic and will promote honesty and make few people and social activists fight against corruption.
With 10th lord moon in 6th house, people will speculate less and show more interest in regular paid jobs.
Most businesses will not flourish, except for IT and real estate.
Sani in 12th house indicates break ups in many relations and demand for psychiatrists, religious and spiritual gurus will increase but again most will get cheated by them.

khara nama samvatsara chart for 2011-12

Few ammendments will be made to constituition and Law.
More scandals and scams will be exposed this year by media and more politicians and officials will be punished.
New found viruses will attack during middle of the year and doctors will fail to find a cure for them immediately.
Politicians will waste time in mudslinging and cause frustration to people.
In many countries and states, opposition parties will secretly support the ruling party.

Aethists will not be able to win arguments this year as many incidents will prove the existence and functioning of God.
Tsunamis and earth quakes will become common news this year.

The period wise results will be as follows this year :

  • Between 03 april – 25 may : People will be spendthrift. Governments will run out of funds for implementing many schemes promised earlier. Governments will change in few states. Summer heat will take many lives.
  • Between 25 may – 14 june : Space research will take new dimensions and will be recognised world wide. Indian philosophy and occult sciences will get more recognition.
  • 14 june – 13 august : Many love affairs and marriages will take place in the country. People will be mostly in happy mood and spend money on luxuries.
  • 13 august – 31 august : Some threats internally and at border but will be overcomed easily. Few terrorists will be killed or arrested.
  • 31 august – 30 september : People will face natural calamities and some sorrow days will be seen. New found virus will cause health problems. Confusion and frustration will lead to suicides and killings
  • 30 september – 21 october : People will recover from last 1 month’s bad period but there will be some road accidents and also possible train accidents and flight crashes.
  • 21 october – 14 december : Good days for people and government. Economic, social and health conditions will improve and people will respond to troubles in positive manner. India will have good relations with neighbours but internal problems between states and demand for new states formation will create problems.
  • 14 december – 31 january 2012 : Some trouble internally and externally. Bad period for economy as prices of shares will come down for many companies. Import and Export business will be dull and so will be banking sector.
    Recovery of loans will become biggest headache for banks
  • 31 january – 28 march 2012 : Bad period for health, finance, business, real estate, public relations. But good for leading secluded life. People will be interested in occult practices, religious rituals etc.
    Many relations, affairs and marriages that happened in july-august 2011 will now break.

As for Vedic Panchanga (Almanac) there will be a cabinet for the year(2011-12) as shown below :

These yearly predictions are based on entry of sun into various rasis and most importantly to makara and Mesha besides lunar year beginning.

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