Lunar Eclipse 27-28 July 2018, Effects

Total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon will occur on 27-28 July 2018 with Moon transiting in Uttarashada-Sravana constellations of Makara Rasi (Capricorn) according to Vedic Astrology. This lunar eclipse 27-28 July 2018 will be visible throughout the globe, except in North America.
Lunar Eclipse 27-28 July 2018 Astrology

Complete lunar eclipse can be seen from Indian subcontinent, East Africa, parts of Russia and Middle-East countries.
As the eclipse begins, Earth’s shadow first darkens the Moon slightly. Then, the shadow begins to “cover” part of the Moon, turning it a dark red-brown color (typically – the color can vary based on atmospheric conditions). The Moon appears to be reddish because of Rayleigh scattering (the same effect that causes sunsets to appear reddish) and the refraction of that light by Earth’s atmosphere into its umbra.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will begin at 22:44:47 IST on 27 July 2018, Partial Eclipse begins at 23:54:27 IST , Full Eclipse begins at 01:00:15 IST on 28 July 2018.
Maximum eclipse can be seen at 01:51:44 IST, full eclipse ends at 02:43:11 IST, partial eclipse ends at 03:49:00 IST and penumbral eclipse ends at 04:58:38 IST on 28 July 2018.
Total duration of this total lunar eclipse is 6 hours, 9 minutes and 51 seconds.
Countries falling under the white zone in above picture can see this lunar eclipse.
Places in complete white Color will witness total lunar eclipse, while totality reduces to partial as color changes to darkest blue. Countries in blue color cannot see this lunar eclipse 27-28 July 2018.

Lunar Eclipse 27-28 July 2018 Astrology Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs

Mars (retrograde) and Moon in Uttarashada nakshatra, while Moon moves to Sravana nakshatra and joins Ketu during eclipse.
Sun will be conjunct Rahu in Pushya nakshatra, while Mercury (retrograde) in Aslesha nakshatra will be closer to them.
Venus in PoorvaPhlaguni, Jupiter in Swati, Saturn (retrograde) in Moola nakshatra do not influence this eclipse.
However, 6 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Rahu, Ketu) will heavily influence both Capricorn and Cancer to bring few sleepless nights for those born in these signs.

A Lunar eclipse occuring in earth sign Capricorn indicates land related disputes, border conflicts between countries, earth quakes, land slides, floods, tsunamis, temporary downfall in real estate business, threat of volcanoes, terrorists.
There will be constant power failures in many areas. Electrical and electronic equipment will suddenly fail without reason.
This is not the best time to buy or repair phones, televisions, computers, learning swimming, adventures in water or hills etc.
If you are born with Moon conjunct Ketu or Rahu, do not attempt swimming or diving into water during this month.
If you are born with Moon in Uttarashada, Sravana, Krittika, Rohini, Uttara Phalguni or Hasta constellations, or going through Sun (Surya) or Moon (Chandra) Dasa, then expect major changes in life within next 4 weeks.
If you are born under Capricorn Moon sign or Ascendant or going through Moon Dasa, then it is time to take care of your money, health and relationships.
July-August 2018 will be testing time (psychologically) for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini.
Expect good days for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Aries, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio.
For others, effects will be neutral.

Venus sextile Jupiter: This is good time to enjoy yourself. Have fun.

Mercury Turns Retrograde: Delays with transportation and communication until August 19. Don’t start major new projects during this time. The little things will go wrong. During this retrograde period, stick to things you have already started.

Sun quincunx Saturn: Obstacles pop up at odd times. Stick to routing matters. Don’t expect to finish things today. There will always be a few loose ends that you will have to take care of later.

Sun opposes Mars: This can make people impulsive and argumentative. Make sure you aren’t one of them. You may want to impulsively start things. Do not ! Remember there is a Retrograde Mercury.

Towards end of July 2018, romantic and business relationships can do better.

Political and Climate Effects of Lunar Eclipse 27-28 July 2018

India-Pakistan will face border tension. India will have to handle Kashmir and cross border terrorism effectively.
There will be more anti-national elements openly threatening the establishment.
Government functioning will be criticized. Media will work against government.
ISIS will be uncontrollable and spread to many countries in Asia.

Floods, cyclones will hit coastal areas of India and East Asian countries.
Heavy rains will damage transportation services. Power supply will be lesser than normal.