Total Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2022, Effects

Total Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2022 will occur with Moon conjunct Rahu in Bharani nakshatra (Aries) according to Vedic Astrology.
Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2022 Vedic Astrology

This total lunar eclipse 8 November 2022 will be visible at most parts of North/East Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica.
Total lunar eclipse can be seen from all countries which fall under the darkest colored zone in above picture. As the color reduces, only partial or penumbral eclipse can be seen in those areas.
As the eclipse begins, Earth shadow first darkens the Moon slightly. Then, the shadow begins to “cover” part of the Moon.
Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse visible in New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Alaska and West Coast of USA.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will begin at 00:02 PST on 8 November 2022, Partial Eclipse at 01:09 PST, Total Eclipse at 02:16 PST. Maximum eclipse can be seen at 02:59 PST and total eclipse ends at 03:49 PST. Partial Eclipse ends at 04:49 PST and Penumbral Eclipse ends at 05:56 PST.
Entire duration of this total lunar eclipse is 5 hours and 18 minutes.
In India, partial eclipse end can be seen around 18:19 IST and penumbral eclipse ends at 19:26 IST. Prior to that, Moon is below the horizon and invisible.
Countries falling under the white zone in below picture cannot see this lunar eclipse.

Political and Climatic impact of Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2022

As this lunar eclipse passes from west to east and visible over USA, recession effects can be seen in coming 6-7 months.
Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Asia-Pacific Islands also face economic stress along with climate irregularities.
A Lunar eclipse passing through Fire sign (Aries) indicates heat wave, fire accidents, volcano eruptions under sea, impacts of war, political instability.
Share market will remain volatile and many speculators can lose money.
Gold and Silver prices increases. Accidents and mishaps can occur in tourist places.
East and North-East Indian states, China can be hit by earth quake.
Total Lunar Eclipse 8th November 2022 Vedic Astrology

Planetary Transit Effects around Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2022

Mercury, Venus, Sun in Visakha nakshtra conjunct Ketu in Swati (Libra) are opposing this Lunar Eclipse. These 4 planets, along with Rahu and Moon in Aries (Mesha) cause heavy impact on both Libra and Aries moon signs, along with Ascendants.
Financially and physically taxing period for Aries, Libra moon sign born. After-effects of recent Solar eclipse will continue for another month.
Taurus loses some sleep due to job pressure and lack of family support.
Gemini need to practice anger-management.
Cancerians continue to be under job dilemma. Their travel plans and shopping continues.
Leo born loses some reputation as past commitments cannot be met.
Virgo gets cheated and threatened by trusted persons.
Scorpions will start seeing some money flow from end of this month but it still takes 5-6 months to get total relief.
Sagittarians have differences with loved ones.
Capricorn need to do some repair work at home and to their vehicles. Health of mother can also bother them.
Aquarians struggle with loss of confidence and travel expenditure.
Pisceans lose some sleep but gain financially in next 30 days.

November 5 – Venus opposite Uranus. This aspect can bring some romance but it might be quick and fleeting. Wait a few days for the aspect to pass to see if this is real.

November 7 – Venus square Saturn – Not very good for romance. This surely can put a damper on things. Lay low with relationships.

November 8 – Sun conjunct Mercury – Talking for hours now. Make the deals happen. You can win anyone over if you say the right thing.

November 8 – Mercury opposite Uranus – Very exciting stimulating thoughts and conversations right now. But don’t rush into action – think before you do.

November 8 – FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN ARIES – This Lunar Eclipse with the north node in Aries and Sun in Libra is very powerful. All signs are affected. It will bring great changes to your life depending on where it falls in your personal chart. This full moon sits on Uranus planet of shocking events. It also squares Saturn bringing problems to the surface. Expect the unexpected. Have your chart done soon because lots of planetary activity is going on and you will want to know how it affects you.

November 9Sun opposite Uranus – A lot going on right now. Change is in the air. Go slow.

November 10Mercury squares Saturn – Very serious thoughts and could get depressing. Lighten up ! Do not let things get you down.

November 10Venus trine Neptune – Lovely escapism into romantic interludes – but may not be real. Wait to see how long it lasts.

November 11Sun squares Saturn – Something stopping your flow ? It is Saturn ! Look for the serious aspects of it all and do the work.

November 12Mercury trine Neptune – Fantasies take control now. Dream your life.

November 13Venus sextile Pluto – Love trying to resolve the conflicts. Affections can intensify. Maybe it will work. Just push forward and stay strong.

November 14Mercury sextile Pluto – Thoughts coming thru very clearly now. Write them down. People are more likely to listen to you now so start talking.

November 14Sun trine Neptune – Time for a good movie and some great creative work

November 15Venus trine Jupiter – That new romance might just be getting better.

November 16Mercury trine Jupiter – Your words could come true now so be positive. Luck with communications. Make those important contacts now.

November 18Sun sextile Pluto – Feeling strong today. Go with it.

November 19Mars squares Neptune – You may be heading in the wrong direction. Wait a few days to see things clearly.

November 20Sun trines Jupiter – Luck is in the air. Now is the time to push forward.

November 21Mercury conjunct Venus – Lovely romantic thoughts now. Write a poem. Call someone and tell them you love them….they will believe you now.

November 23 – NEW MOON IN LIBRA-SCORPIO – This New Moon will bring about a lot of changes. More opportunities than you thought could come your way. Get ready for optimistic energy returning.

November 28Mars trine Saturn – Now is a good time to tackle the tougher jobs.

November 29 Mercury opposite Mars – Watch out for arguments. Do not let them escalate.

November 29Mercury sextile Saturn – A good day to take care of those routine tasks.