Lunar Eclipse on 25 May 2013, Timings, Visibility & Effects

Lunar Eclipse 25 May 2013Penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on May 25, 2013, the second of three this year.
However, it will be visually imperceptible due to the small entry into the penumbral shadow.
The duration is too short, just 33 minutes 34 seconds.
This lunar eclipse is visible in North & South American continents (except Alaska), Western Europe (spain, portugal, UK at moonset), few west african countries only.
It is not visible in majority of europe, africa, asia, pacific islands and australian continent.

Eclipse starts at 3:53:15 UTC, reaches its greatest point at 4:09:58 UTC and ends at 4:26:49 UTC.

If you live in USA, mexico or south american countries, there is no Eclipse in Umbra and Penumbral Eclipse is not visible to the Naked Eye.

However, First Contact with the Penumbra is at 23:53:11 on 24 may 2013 (New York Time), maximum of lunar eclipse at 00:09:58 – on 25 May, and last contact with the Penumbra – 00:26:49 – on 25 May

This Lunar Eclipse occurs with fullmoon ending in Anuradha Constellation in Vrishcik (Scorpio) rasi, although fullmoon starts in Visakha Nakshatra on 24th may.
If you are born with moon or ascendant in taurus or scoprio, better postpone your travel plans for a week after eclipse, although its effect might be almost negligible.
Also for the next two weeks, people will want to travel and talk your ear off.
Do something a little more adventurous in the next two weeks. Try to break your routine so boredom doesn’t set in.

This does not apply to people living in europe, asia, australia and africa where eclipse is not at visible.