Mars Effects in Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara (2016-17)

mars durmukhi nama samvatsara 2016-17Mars is the Senadhipathi (Commander-in-chief), Arghyadhipati(Water) and Megadhipathi(Clouds and Rains) for Vedic New Year Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara (2016-17).
Usage of weapons will increase. Gun culture will spread to more cities.
Terrorist and Criminal activities will be on rise.
There will be lack of co-ordination between multiple countries.
Cross-border talks will fail. War situations will prevail across borders of India, Pakistan, China and middle-east countries.
Human rights violation acts will be repeatedly done.
Governments will fail to protect individual rights and properties.

Kidnapping, mysterious deaths, human sacrifices, suspected political assassinations will be more in Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara.
Women will be kidnapped and murdered for Gold Jewellery.
Fire accidents in cities and forests will destroy valuable assets.

More graduates from asian countries will try to migrate to western countries for education and employments.
Some of them will be cheated.

People will tend to wear more bright colors like yellow, orange, pink.
South Indian states will experience cyclones and earthquakes.
Acid rains will damage few places of agriculture.
Useless rains in metro cities will create floods.
Gemstones and Diamonds extracted from earth will be on demand.

More clouds but less rain will effect agriculture.
Middle-East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India will face either natural calamities or terrorist activities this year (Durmukhi Nama Samvatsaram)