Mars Rahu conjunct 2022 in Aries, Angaraka Yoga

Mars Rahu conjunction 2022 will happen in Aries (Mesha Rasi) on 27 June at 02:15 IST. This is Angaraka Yoga, where Mars is conjunct Rahu or Ketu (where it receives direct aspect from Rahu) and this destroys functional significations of Mars.
Mars Rahu conjunct 2022 Angaraka Yoga

Both Mars, Rahu will be transiting same nakshatra (Bharani) from 17 July till 05 August and they both are at same degree on 01-02 August 2022.
These dates are crucial because Rahu in Aries causes destruction, which has already began in Europe and India.
Rahu transit till early 2024 is bad for India and any planet conjunct will further add fire to fuel.
Positive aspects of Mars include courage, energy, aggression, immunity, initiative, bravery, physical health which get destroyed by this Angaraka Yoga.
Careless driving, drunk driving, police cases, road and fire accidents, killings increase.
Rahu causes blasts and Mars ignites fire.
So there will be bomb blasts, public properties burnt, police being attacked during this Mars Rahu conjunction 2022.
Many will have disturbed family relations, extra-marital affairs, obscene sexual urges, broken love affairs.

Mars Rahu Conjunct 2022, Angaraka Yoga effects in Asia

India will be worst hit by this combination which also has aspect of Saturn till early July 2022.
Agitations, corruption charges on political leaders, arrests, burning of public properties, protests against government, elected representatives jumping across parties will occur.
Mars rules over Military, Police and Sports. Conjunction with Rahu will either corrupt or disrupt them.
More injuries to players, on-field confrontations, police forced into risky tasks on daily basis can happen.
Most planets will either be in Quincunx or Opposition to each other which creates lot of trouble to daily life.
Rift between courts and governments continue.
Civil unrest and riots will continue in North India (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar).
Cyclones and Floods will hit Maharashtra, East Coast states. Heavy rains leads to traffic jams, flood situations in cities.
Ukraine-Russia continue to be in war zone.
Pakistan, Afghanistan continue to be unstable and under control of militant groups.

People born with this Mars Rahu conjunction tend to have too much of aggression (mostly directionless), sadistic thinking, boost of ego etc.
They can provoke religious or racist wars.
This is the time when terrorists, anti-social activists, revolutionary leaders are born.
Since Mars is transiting own sign Aries, situations will aggravate and go out of control in few areas.
Saturn aspect on Rahu Mars conjunction 2022 from mid-July indicates ill-health and threats to aged politicians.
Mars leaves Aries on 10 August 2022 at 17:17 IST but still remains in close proximity of Rahu till end of that month.
Saturn aspects Ketu which creates mental and physical separations for many.
If anyone has experienced breaks-ups, separations, deaths in close relations during September 2003 – February 2005, they will see similar events during June 2022 – April 2023.
Similar situations arise during October-November 2023, when Mars is conjunct Ketu in Libra along with Sun and Mercury, while Rahu conjunct Jupiter in Aries opposes them.

Mars Rahu Conjunction 2022, Angaraka Yoga effects of 12 Moon signs

Mesha Rasi born will have to deal with strained family relations, loss of direction in life, debts, sudden expenses.
Vrishabha Rasi need to avoid self driving, stay away from fire and explosives.
Mithuna Rasi should avoid meeting all anti-social activists. Their working conditions get tougher.
Karkataka Rasi finds more pressure at work. They can be forced into unpleasant situations.
Simha Rasi gets fame but it is short lived as major planets Jupiter and Saturn make them struggle to maintain relations from mid-July.
Kanya Rasi need to avoid all political activities and lead a low profile life till late August. They will be dragged into unnecessary controversies.
Thula Rasi struggle with body pains, stubborn spouse or partner and loss of vitality.
Vrischika Rasi discovers that time is somewhat favorable from late July and should plan to restart unfinished tasks.
Dhanus Rasi needs to avoid unnecessary thoughts and talks. Their relations with children and lovers can be distrubed.
Makara Rasi should be careful while cooking and driving. Donate food or money to one-eyed person.
Kumbha Rasi can experience strain in travel. Also relationship with siblings is troubled. However, they will get through this transit with courage and self confidence.
Meena Rasi need to watchout their words. Speak less than you know and spend less than you can afford is the Mantra to get through June-July 2022.