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Mars Saturn Conjunction in Libra 2014 causes more Accidents

Mars Saturn ConjunctionMars will be transiting in Libra during July-September 2014 and will be conjunct major karmic planet Saturn until 5 September, when it enters its own sign Scorpio.
However, both Saturn and Mars will be moving in same direction, so the impact of their conjunction will remain till second week of september.

Mars controls blood, bones, bone marrow in our body while Saturn controls metal objects used by us.
Mars Saturn Conjunction in Libra 2014 causes frequent injuries while using metals, driving etc.
Saturn indicates wounds by metals while Mars indicates loss of blood.
People born with their conjunction or mutual aspect in personal horoscope should take enough care while driving, crossing the street, in kitchen etc.
Even a minor injury like shaving wound is possible for many having Mars and Saturn interconnected in their charts.

This combination is particularly dangerous for those born in (moon) signs of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Especially Pisceans and Scorpios should take extreme care with their driving attitude.
Arians should get their blood reports checked and must not pickup arguments with their partners.
Gemini will experience strained relations, financial pressures.
Cancereans will suffer from unknown anxiety about either their or partner’s health.
Virgos will have tough time managing their money and health.
Librans should get their blood reports double checked and Scorpios should spend less and save more till september 5th.
Capricorn and Aquarians can face minor health issues.

Women with problems like irregular menstruation can experience increased issue with this Mars Saturn Conjunction in Libra 2014.
Pregnant women must get all their regular checkups done.
Infants and Kids must be kept away from sharp objects.

If you have this rare combination in your horoscope, then avoid eating junk food, liquor, taking new loans, buying new vehicles. long distance travel until september 2014.

People born under (moon) signs of Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius can have blast of a time as everything seems to fall in place with minimum effort.

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