Mars Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius 2018, Effects

Mars will be transiting in Sagittarius during March-April 2018 and will be conjunct major karmic planet Saturn until 03 May, before entering its own exalted sign Capricorn.
Mars enters Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi) on 07 March 2018 at 14:20 IST and will continue in same sign until 11:06 IST on 02 May 2018.
Mars Saturn Conjunction Sagittarius 2018

Both Saturn and Mars will be moving in same direction until 17 April 2018, so the impact of their conjunction will be heavy on people born in moon signs and ascendants of Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi), Gemini (Mithuna Rasi), Virgo (Kanya Rasi), Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi) and Capricorn (Makara Rasi).
Mars controls blood, bones, bone marrow in our body while Saturn controls metal objects used by us.
Mars Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius 2018 causes frequent injuries while using metals, driving etc.
Saturn indicates wounds by metals while Mars indicates loss of blood.
People born with their conjunction or mutual aspect in personal horoscope should take enough care while driving, crossing the street, in kitchen etc.
Even a minor injury like shaving wound is possible for many having Mars and Saturn interconnected in their charts.
As Sagittarius controls knees in body, people suffering from arthritis will experience more pain during March-April 2018. This is not the best time to go for surgeries.
Saturn conjunct Mars will bring back the memories of events of their last meeting – when they were conjunct during 2016 in Scorpio.
Jupiter represents growth and rise while Saturn tends to bring us on the other side of reality, foreground and conservative side. This saturnine cycle gets a break as a vastly different stream of energy in form of Mars joins it in Sagittarius. This will add a new dimension to the extremities. But the same stream of energies when channelized well could give us a special window of opportunities for success & new gains.

Mars in its friendly sign Sagittarius, makes people get angry, and they feel like running. We tend to plan something, but end up doing something else in a hurry.
Impatience, restlessness and adventurous nature of Sagittarius takes over. The best way of anger management is to indulge into serious physical activity like hitting the gym, yoga, running, swimming etc.
Anything that exhausts your body is good.
Another big issue wil be starting of multiple ideas and projects at the same time and following up none !
Do not get into personal issues of others as it can permanently damage your relation and reputation.

Above mentioned ascendants and moon sign borns need to be careful while driving or handling sharp objects.
Taurus born can face financial crunch, loss of position at job and humiliation.
Gemini born will seperate from partner and chose to remain lonely.
Virgo born loses domestic peace and suffers from insomnia.
Sagittarius born will suffer from headaches, insomnia, fear, phobias, injuries, loss of job and ill-health of partner.
Capricorn born need to control expenses and practice meditation for sound sleep. Sexual immorality needs to be controlled.
During early March 2018, Mercury squares Saturn – Avoid important meetings until 12th. There will be disagreements and depressing thoughts and conversations. Stick to routine. Take care of those dull tasks that you normally would not want to do. This is good for starting new tasks by yourself. Be careful not to rush. Sun gives you extra energy and persistence to take care of tough jobs.
During mid-March 2018, Venus squares Saturn, which is not good for love relationships. Lay low.
Another aspect on this date includes Sun trines Jupiter – Could bring some luck to certain situations.
After 18 March, Mercury conjunct Venus, and this is great for love conversations. Good for chatting with friends too.

Full Moon March 1st : Do not criticize anyone. This is great for working and taking care of those little details but there can be some confusion.
New Moon March 17th : This is very good for imagination and creative pursuits. But do not rush things because Mars is squaring this New Moon so look before you leap.
Full Moon March 31st : This full moon puts extra emphasis on relationships. But both Mars and Saturn are squaring it so there will be extra strain on all relationships at this time. Lay low and avoid arguments. Mars Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius 2018, Effects
These 2 months are best time for people born under Moon Signs and Ascendants of Cancer, Libra and Aquarius.
Pisceans need to drive carefully and remain busy in useful activities.
Arians must avoid useless conversations, travel and take care of elders at home.
Leos will face setbacks, become victims of treachery, heartburns, financial losses.
Scorpions are under financial pressure from partners, but there will some gains too. Speculation is not profitable.

Women with problems like irregular menstruation can experience increased issue with this Mars Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius 2018.
Pregnant women must get all their regular checkups done.
Infants and Kids must be kept away from sharp objects.
If these two planets are conjunct in your horoscope, then avoid eating junk food, liquor, taking new loans, buying new vehicles. long distance travel until May 2018.