Mars Stationary & Retrograde in Scorpio-Libra (April-June 2016), Effects

mars saturn conjunction scorpio 2016Mars will be going retrograde in motion while transiting Scorpio (Vrischik Rasi) from 17 April at 17:42 IST, according to K.P Ayanamsa.
It is already in stationary mode and its movement is almost negligible.
Mars enters back into Libra (Thula Rasi) on 13 June 2016, 13:53 IST.
Transit of Mars in a sign indicates how people respond when they are angry and how they react to the anger in others.
It is already in conjunction with Saturn in scorpio since 20 February 2016 and has been moving slowly to enter into stationary mode before going into retrograde direction.
Mars would be going direct in Libra on 30 June 2016 from 05:04 IST and re-enter Scorpio on 11 July 2016 at 23:30 IST.

Present transit of Mars in Scorpio indicates that anger will not be suppressed and it will burst out even at the smallest chance.
Mars in Scorpio will make people express their anger violently, without fearing social norms or law.
This anger will be seen more in sports persons, military and police, who do not like the functioning of administrations.
Adding fuel to fire will be Saturn, which is also in retrograde motion in same sign Scorpio.
Mars and Saturn are two very strong planets but they are poles-apart in their effects. When they get together, history is created or rewritten.
To make things worse, both are in retrograde motion during same time and there is not positive Jupiter’s aspect on them to control their effects.
Even Venus will be combust during the month of May 2016, along with Mercury retrograde between 28 April – 22 May 2016 and combust between 01-17 May 2016.
That makes 4 major planets retrograde (apart from natural retro planets Rahu, Ketu) until 9 May 2016, Venus combust, Sun and Moon trapped in effects of Mars and others.
This will make us devoid of guidance and positivity.

History of Saturn – Mars conjunction in Scorpio

Last time such a strong & life changing conjunction took place was 32 years back in 1984, when it almost shook the world with events like IRA Bombings and famine in Ethiopia.
The world’s worst Industrial Accident happened in Union Carbide Gas plant in Bhopal, India.
That year also marked the assassination of India’s Prime Minister Mrs. India Gandhi, which lead to anti-sikh riots and migration of sikhs to other countries.
The conjunction also led to key political events like USA president Ronald Reagan coming to power again leading to an end to Cold War era and the launch of Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs in 1984.
However, most important were assassination of Indira Gandhi, followed by political asylum of sikhs to Europe and North America.
The upcoming combination could be more aggressive than the one of 1984 since Mars, the more aggressive planet out of the two is stronger this time around.
The 7 months long conjunction of Mars and Saturn will be delivering extreme results to people born in 12 different Ascendants and Moon Signs.

Mars Saturn conjunction 2016 Effects on 12 Ascendants & Moon Signs

Aries : Toughest days ahead. Do not plan anything big until end of June and the mantra is to lay low. Postpone all major decisions like job change, new business, change of residence etc.
Avoid loans as they can pile up in future. Take care of father’s health.

Taurus : Disputes with spouse, partner, neighbours will rob your peace of mind.
Uncertainity over career will keep you in dilemma for few months. Consult experts before jumping into any conclusion.
Avoid rash driving and alcohol consumption.

Gemini : Ideal time for moving into new place or job. This is good time for everything except marital relationships. Take care of digestive system and eat easily digestible food.
Get your blood, liver and kidneys checked.

Cancer : Bad time for love affairs, relation with children, speculation.
Insomnia, fatigue, dejection, depression can make you lazy and find ways to escape from work.
This time is ideal only for meditation and praying.

Leo : Avoid buying/selling of vehicles, change of residence until august.
Do not drive at high speeds and check your vehicle condition frequently.
Good time to rebuild your relation with mother and close relatives.
Can find new love but take it slowly.

Virgo : Judgement can go wrong ! Do not take major decisions without consulting the team.
Handle finances with care. Will have few sleepless nights.
Relations with siblings and neighbours can deteriorate.

Libra : Family affairs will keep bothering you. Your spouse/partner or one of your family member can create annoying moments in public.
Control your expenditures and take enough rest. Health of kids need to be taken care of.

Scorpio : Follow expert’s advice rather than own judgement. Health of mother needs to be taken care of.
Postpone all major decisions involving huge money until end of June 2016.

Sagittarius : You might want to run away from everyone for few days or weeks.
Financial commitments from past will make you hunt for new avenues of income.
Do not make comments or acts that can permanently destroy close relations.

Capricorn : Probably the only sign with maximum positive effects during this tough period. Except for few problems with electronic equipment, communication like internet connections, everything looks fine. Partner can be nagging frequently.

Aquarius : Nervous system related diseases, infections, bones can bother you.
Avoid self driving and better use public transport or employ a driver.
Do not spend money on jewelry as you will repent later.
Speculation will not help.

Pisces : Avoid flight journeys and long distance driving.
Try to remain in company of positive people.
Social reputation will be high and money flow will be normal.

Above predictions should be seen after combining both your Ascendant (Lagna) and Moon Sign (Rasi).
If both are bad, then overall effect will be bad.
If one is good, other is bad, then overall effect will be moderate.