Mars transits & ownership in 2014-15, Effects

Mars transit 2014-15Due its ownership and transits in the year Jaya Nama Samvatsara (2014-15), Mars will increase production and price of rice and wheat.
Prices in restaurants, fast food centers will increase.

Prices of vegetables that grow beneath the soil like onions, garlic, potatoes, peanuts etc will be in demand.
Black marketing of food will increase.

Consumption and demand of Dairy products will also increase and so will adulteration.
Kids food will be adulterated and their health will be effected.

Agriculture in red colored soil will be good.
Prices of cotton, silk, corals, copper will increase.

Robberies and cyber crime will be done in new ways which will become challenging tasks for police.
Crime on women will also increase and new laws will be implemented to punish the culprits.

Real estate business in few metro cities will collapse due to formation of new boundaries, states and shifting of investments.
Indian cities Bengaluru, Chennai, Noida will see excellent growth while businesses in Hyderabad will collapse.
Automobile industry will see downtrend as many newly launched cars this year will not be sold.
India will discover that China is a bigger threat than Pakistan.
Sri Lanka’s new friendship with China will become an issue for India.

Sand mafia will be exposed.
Meat will also be adulterated which leads to new complicated health issues.

Nokia company will regain its lost market with new mobile phones.
Youth from rich and traditional families will turn criminals.

Scandals will effect cricket in India and few players will be made scapegoats along with few officials.
Indian Cricket Team will win some unbelievable matches and series.
Police will get clues about terrorist acitivities in metro cities and prevent them.