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Mercury Retrograde 2020 Dates & Effects

Mercury Retrograde 2020 occurs thrice as it does every year. During these periods, it slows down and appears to transit in retrograde motion when compared to speed of earth.
Mercury Retrograde happens atleast 3 times in a year. Mercury represents our mental and communicative life processes. It governs communication in all its forms, whether spoken word or written, whether paper document or internet data transmission.
Mercury Retrograde 2020 Dates Vedic Astrology

When Mercury transits in between 2 signs during retrograde motion, it will make you redo many things which you started in doubt.
These can be anything related to relationships, communications like emails, document writings, calculations, tax filing, booking tickets, payments etc.
Mercury represents the reasoning mind, the analytical mind, the ability to perceive relationships and connections between things, and the gathering and sorting of all facts and figures. It oversees trade and commerce, and it represents short journeys of all kinds.
Retrograde Mercury can make a person act very intelligently at one time and also foolishly at other time.
Sometimes, they can talk so much nonsense that they lose respect.
If Mercury is stationary or placed in final degrees of a zodiac sign, native can have short term memory losses, argue without logic and then repent, unable to remember answers during examination but recollecting them later, shout when cannot debate, brain hemorrhage etc.
Speech is signified by Mercury in Vedic Astrology.
Intuition is high during mercury retrograde periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.
When Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow time for extra travel, and avoid signing contracts. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions.
About a week or two before Mercury retrogrades, finish any tasks or projects at hand. You cannot stop your life, but plan ahead, have back-up plans, and be prepared for angrier people and miscommunication.

Mercury Retrograde 2020 Dates and Effects

Mercury (Budha Graha) appears to transit in retrograde motion 3 times in 2020.

  • Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius : 17 February – 10 March 2020

    During these 23 days, Mercury is also combust due to close proximity with Sun during 19 February – 4 March 2020.
    Mercury retrograde in aquarius (Kumbha Rasi), transits Satabhisha and Dhanishta nakshatras.
    This creates confusion is all day-to-day dealings for Aquarius, Leo born.
    Virgo (Kanya) born can suffer from chronic disease, legal issues.
    Gemini (Mithuna) born will have differences with elders, hurdles in higher education.
    Aslesha nakshatra born can experience health issues of self or within the family. Job pressure also possible.
    Jyeshta nakshatra born must avoid arguments with mother. Repair work at home can test your patience.
    Revati nakshatra born should avoid or postpone long distance travel.
    Do NOT start major new projects. All the little things will tend to go wrong. Just continue with things you have already started. Transportation delays are more likely now so allow more time for travel.
    During this time, Mercury semisquare Saturn : This can add to the delays of Retrograde Mercury. Stick to routine tasks.
    Also, Mercury conjunct Sun : Forget texting. Have a face-to-face conversation.

  • Mercury Retrograde in Gemini : 18 June – 12 July 2020

    During these 24 days, Mercury is also combust due to close proximity with Sun during 21 June – 12 July 2020.
    Also, 3 other planets Jupiter, Saturn, Venus are Retrograde at same time, creating most confusing period of this year.
    Mercury retrograde in Gemini (Mithuna Rasi), transits Punarvasu and Arudra nakshatras.
    This creates confusion is all day-to-day dealings for Gemini, Sagittarius born.
    As both Mercury and Rahu move in same direction, this Mercury REtrograde is good time for all RE activities like REst, REview, RElaxation, REassess, REcheck, REsearch etc.
    REconsider things that you have taken for granted.
    Virgo (Kanya) born can experience serious doubts about future of their career. Mistakes done by associates can prove expensive.
    Gemini (Mithuna) born will repent their decisions taken after following advises.
    Aslesha nakshatra born should postpone job changes, long distance travel and stick to routine.
    Jyeshta nakshatra born can face legal threats, pressure due to bad debts, health issues and insomnia. Friends will desert you in crisis.
    Revati nakshatra born should not make any changes to vehicles, home decor.

  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra : 14 October – 3 November 2020

    During this period, Mars will be retrograde in Pisces (Meena Rasi). Mercury is combust during 17 October – 2 November 2020.
    Mercury retrograde in Libra (Thula Rasi), transits Swathi and Chitra nakshatras.
    This creates confusion in decision making for Libra, Aries born.
    Virgo (Kanya) born can face financial crisis or unexpected expenditure.
    Gemini (Mithuna) born should avoid or postpone romantic advances as they will backfire now.
    Aslesha nakshatra born need to avoid making any changes at home. Vehicle repairs can be expensive.
    Jyeshta nakshatra born should be prepared for expenditure, repeated traveling for same work, lack of support from associates.
    Revati nakshatra born must avoid loans, disputes and arguments with partners.

Also, during Mercury Retrograde 2020 periods, if you are planning to go for a medical diagnosis, advise on treatment or surgery, better go for a second opinion while Mercury is direct.
Typos can lead to loss of reputation and money. Jobs started during Mercury Retrograde rarely last.
If you play a trick on someone, it will almost invariably backfire on you.
If you meet a ‘special someone‘ during Mercury Retrogarde, it quite often does not last for long.

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