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Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse in November 2011 : Effects

Solar Eclipse 2011The month of november 2011 will see three major events in astrology.
Saturn moved into its exalted sign Libra on 14th november, Mercury went retrograde on 24th november in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse on 25th november in scorpio again !
Patience, patience, and patience. Why?
Because with a Mercury retrograde period and a solar eclipse occurring practically right on top of each other this week, you’re going to need to take some long, deep breaths!
The drama begins on November 24 when Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio. At this time, you’ll feel driven to push forward with whatever plans you have in front of you; unfortunately, Mercury’s backward motion will slow you down. Remember to keep a close eye on details, and try to accept that communication problems are simply a way of life at the moment. Everything is bound to feel as if it’s moving at a snail’s pace .. but in just a couple short weeks, life will be back to normal.
Also mercury will be combust and ineffective as it gets too close to sun during this period.

Then, on November 25, a solar eclipse takes place in Scorpio. This marks the fourth such eclipse this year, and as with the others, it signifies changes and trends to come over the next few months. You’ll certainly feel a heightened sense of anticipation; however, confusion and misjudgments will prevent you from determining how to best focus your efforts right now, so exercise patience.
Finally, on December 12th, Mercury goes direct and releases some of its useful energy.
Venus settles into Capricorn on december 16th, a transit that brings a welcome change of pace. Since Venus loves indulgence and Capricorn is highly materialistic, social ambition and elegance will take precedence throughout the next couple weeks as big player Jupiter also going direct on 26th december.
You may not be quite so warm and cuddly … but you’ll sure look good!

Its better to postpone all major investments, purchases, writings etc beyond 26th december 2011.

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