Moon transits & ownership in 2014-15, Effects

Moon transit effects 2014Moon is the King and also Minister for the year Jaya Nama Samvatsara (2014-15).
Unstable and quick moving planet Moon will create political instability, increased corruption, politicians shifting parties frequently, abuse of democracy etc.
Politicians and Administrators will be more worried about their income and positions, rather than problems in their states and countries.

Regional parties will play much bigger role in formation of union government in India.
Corruption and match fixing in sports will be exposed again (especially cricket).
Adulteration of food, dairy products, water, soft drinks will increase.

Fake medicines, useless hair products, cosmetics will rule the market.
More animals (cows) will be slaughtered for leather and meat, despite protests from animal welfare (PETA) and religious groups.
Politicians will divide people based on caste, religion, region, race etc.

Cheating by Finance companies will increase and cases against them will not prove to be useful.
Terrorism will increase and their activities will disturb normal life in major cities.
Corrupt industrialists and capitalists will become hurdles in honest attempts of few politicians.

Fake babas and Mafia Gurus will enter into religious activies to run parallel governments.
Religion, castes etc will play major role in politics and formation of goverment.

Snowfall will be more in winter along with tsunamis, floods, accidents in sea.
Psychological disorders will also increase and psychiatrists will be more in demand this year.

Politicians and Businessmen will involve themselves more in religious activities.
Sexual perversions will increase along with quick love affairs, marriages and divorces.

World Cinema will see new trends in technical and story telling methods.
New talent will emerge to change the existing rules of cinema making.

Agriculture will be good and production, consumption of rice will increase world wide.