New Moon August 2014, confusion for Cancer Zodiac Sign

cancer zodiac signMoon will be conjunct Venus and Jupiter in Cancer sign between 22-24 August 2014.
This combination will be aspected by Saturn from Libra and squared by Mars.
Observe ruling planets in your personal horoscope. If they are either of Moon, Venus or Jupiter, then your conclusions in next few days will be obvious.
Mercury with Sun in Leo, bring trine to Pluto can help you see hidden information and get to the bottom of problems.
As Venus squares Saturn, this is best time to do hard work (Saturn) to beautify things (Venus).
You can spend time and effort in decorating your house, washing your car, get a facial or massage.
As Venus squares Mars, it tends to impulse buying. Try to put off expensive purchases for a few days and avoid arguments with your loved ones.

During New Moon August 2014 (more on 25th), Mercury sextiles Mars. So your mind will function faster than normal and it can solve problems quicker.
This is the right time to take care of (emails or phone calls) especially if you have been putting them off.
Venus trines Uranus. So, there is still a little bit of fun left in this month.
Do something new or different during this weekend.
Mercury sextiles Saturn. Mercury and Mars gave you the energy needed and now this aspect gives you the discipline and focus.
You can accomplish a lot and time is right for scheduling or planning, so that you can still have some fun.
Mars conjuncts Saturn. This is good for focusing energy on any new or pending project. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments, confrontations and be watchful while driving.

This combination will effect people born in zodiac moon sign of Cancer as 4 major planets influence them.
Next few days can be tough for Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn born.
Others will have reasonably good time.

However, do not make important deals till end of this month, as Sun opposes Neptune. This will create a fog over everything and your judgement may not be clear in big decisions.