Partial Solar Eclipse 13 September 2015, Effects

Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on 13 September 2015 when Sun is conjunct with Moon and Jupiter in Leo, influenced by Rahu from Virgo according to Vedic Astrology.
This eclipse is visible only from very few places like South in Africa, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.
As Sun transits almost 11 degrees away from Rahu (north node of Moon), this eclipse would be partial in Anatarctica (90% Sun will be covered) and South Africa (40% Sun covered).
partial solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse occurs in the polar regions of the Earth when the center of the Moon’s shadow misses the Earth.
This eclipse starts at one location and ends at another.
First location to see partial eclipse begin on 13 September at 04:40 UTC.
Maximum Eclipse on 13 September at 06:52 UTC.
Last location to see partial Eclipse end on 13 September at 09:05 UTC.
Both Moon and Rahu will be on constellation of UttaraPhalguni during this eclipse, while Sun will be on the verge of leaving PoorvaPhalguni.

Partial Solar Eclipse 13 September 2015 Astrology Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs

This eclipse will not effect the world much but however, it can bring in some changes regarding health, relations, finance, career of few individuals.
Only Southern part of African continent will be effected politically.
Solar Eclipse causes bad health, sudden loss of money or uncontrollable financial transactions, insomnia, disturbed mind for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Leo, Virgo, Sagittarus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries and Cancer.
Pisceans can regain their lost energies few days after this eclipse, but they need to exercise caution regarding food and relations.
There will be chaos in lives of people born under Uttaraphalguni constellation, especially if they are dealing with psychological issues.
If you are born with Moon in Krittika, UttaraPhalguni or Uttarashada constellations, Leo Ascendant, Leo Moon Sign or going through Vimsotari Dasa or Bukti of Sun, then September is the month to be cautious in every aspect of life.
Do not enter into new partnerships, relations, commitments.
Have control of diet, work and sleep.
Tough times ahead for Virgos if they are into managing people or money.

Though widely feared as the celestial phenomenon to be guarded against, the Solar Eclipse is well known to bring in untold riches and create abundances if it transits through some specific houses of your natal chart. That is the reason behind the stupendous success of the stock trading commenced during this period. And even certain projects taking off during the Eclipse prove to be the most successful ones.
This eclipse is a special one as it will take place in the company of the planet of intellect and communication, Mercury and in close proximity of the shadowy planet – Rahu, the dragon’s head. The retrograding Mercury in the sign of Virgo will accentuate the effects of this Eclipse further. Mercury in Virgo, in its own sign will be exalted and favorably placed increasing activity levels and efficiency in general. However, Mercury will be joined by Rahu in Virgo, leading to some peculiar patterns and the Solar Eclipse occurrence will further make the changes more pronounced.

However, upcoming lunar eclipse on 28th september 2015 can modify these effects.