Rahu Ketu transit during may 2011 – predictions

Rahu Ketu
Virtual planets or moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in Scorpio and Taurus respectively from 4th may 2011 for next 18 months.
This transition will occur at around 8:22 AM (IST) according to K.P Ayanamsa and considering Nodes to be true.
Rahu moving into 8th house of Kalapurusha(when counted from Aries as 1st house), will cause diseases that will be spread easily and cannot be cured quickly.
War threat for few countries, control of mafia over huge businesses like oil etc(which are extracted from earth) and collapse of governments in few countries and states is possible.
Since Rahu in scorpio will be aspected by Saturn in virgo, individual people, states and coutries going through rahu or saturn dasa will face internal turmoil and tough challenges.
Ketu moving into 2nd house of Kalapurusha will cause sudden fluctuations in financial positions of many countries.
While it is partially good for economies of few asian countries, north america and australia, it will adversely effect economy of european countries.
Many of european countries will face heavy unemployment and many companies will go bankrupt.
People in those countries will plan to revolt against their governments.

Sexually transmitted diseases, impotency in men, frequent miscarriages and weak reproduction system in women, more long distance love affairs and especially over internet will continue but most of them will fail midway.

Control of drug and tobacco mafia over many countries will be exposed and a shocking hidden world of youngsters will be revealed to elders.

Flight accidents will increase this year.
Earth quakes and floods will heavily effect coastal states of USA.

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